Ministry Of Water Resources, Environment and Climate Change

Headed by: Ugwu Odoh
Address: Ahmadu Bello Way, Makurdi.

Benue State Ministry of Water Resources and Environment was created in July 1999 with the statutory responsibility to attend to issues of water supply, ecological and environmental challenges.

The ministry is structured into five departments, click or tap to view more:


The administrative department puts premium on the welfare and motivation of staff to ensure that their basic individual and service needs are satisfactorily taken care of for a productive and effective performance. The department undertakes the following core functions:

  1. Staff Promotion
  2. Recruitment
  3. Staff Claims
  4. Scholarships

Water Resources

  1. Water Supply ensures sufficient supply of water to all 23 local governments areas of Benue State.
  2. Water supply to Otukpo and Katsina-Ala towns.
  3. Greater Makurdi water works.
  4. Supply of diesel and water treatment chemicals.
  5. Otukpa and Anyiin water supply schemes.
  6. Dams.

The department has the following agencies:

  1. Benue state water board.
  2. Benue State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency, BERWASSA.

Engineering Services

  1. The department is the remedial arm of the ministry on ecological matters.
  2. It designs and constructs drainages.
  3. It proffers engineering solutions to other ecological problems.


The Environment department of the ministry manages both human and industrial waste, protect and conserve the environment as well as enforce laws on environment in the state.

The department undertakes the following core functions:

  1. Public Health And Sanitation does monthly sanitation exercise early Flood warning system monitoring.
  2. Urban Renewal executes the following installation of directional signs.
  3. Environmental impact assessment (EIA).
  4. Beautification and greening of major streets.
  5. Waste Management waste management and recycling plant.
  6. Collaboration with private service providers, PSPs for effective waste management.
  7. Direct Town cleaning (DTC).
  8. Benue State Environmental Sanitation Authority


The department ensures and encourages afforestation. Here are some policies it Carries out for efficiency:

  1. Annual tree planting campaign.
  2. Seedling production.
  3. Forestry laws.
  4. Protection and main stance of forest reserves and plantation.


There are three (3) parastatals used to deliver services to the public, namely:

  1. Benue state Water Board, BSWB.
  2. Benue state Water water supply and Sanitations Authority, BENSESA.
  3. Benue state Urban Development Board, BSUDB.