Ministry Of Agriculture

Headed by: Prof Moses Ogbaji
Address: Kashim Ibrahim Road, P.M.B 970101, Makurdi, Benue State

Benue State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources is responsible for formulating policies, and programmes and monitoring the implementation of the following policy objectives:

  1. Attainment of self-sufficiency in the basic food products for enhanced food security.
  2. Increase production of Agricultural raw materials to meet the growing demand in the agro-allied industries.
  3. Increased in production of exportable products in order to attract foreign exchange earnings for the State.
  4. Modernization of agricultural production, processing, storage and distribution through the infusion of improved technological packages and management so that agriculture can be more expensive to the demands of other sectors of the economy.
  5. Creates more agricultural and rural employment opportunities and to improve the living standards of farmers and rural dwellers through enhanced income.
  6. Protection and improvement of Agricultural Land resources and prevention of the environment through appropriate farming systems for a sustainable agricultural environment.
  7. Establishment of appropriate support institutions and operation of administrative organs to facilitate the integrated development and realization of the State’s agricultural potentials.
  8. Train and retrain and enlightened human resource stock to make agriculture a business and not a hobby’.

Administrative Hierarchy of the Ministry:

The structural arrangement of the Ministry is an effective design to accommodate and harness the agricultural resources endowment of the State. Each of the Directorates acts as a complement to the other as they are headed by capable hands as follows:-

  • Permanent Secretary
  • Director of Administration and Supplies
  • Director of Finance and Accounts
  • Director of Agriculture
  • Director of Engineering Services
  • Director of Fisheries
  • Director of livestock

Other offices under the Ministry are:

  • Benue State Tractor Hiring Agency, BENTHA.
  • Benue State Agricultural and Rural Development, BNARDA.
  • Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture Yandev
  • Agricultural Training Center, Mbatie
  •  Agricultural Vocational Training Center, Otobi –Otukpa
  • Accelerated Food Production Programmme

Structure of the Ministry:

The Ministry of Agriculture is made up of six directorates, two parastatals, one Tertiary Institution and an outfit for accelerated food production as follows:-

The Directorates:

  1. Directorate of Administration and Supplies
  2. Directorate of Finance and Accounts
  3. Directorate of Agriculture
  4. Directorate of Engineering Services
  5. Directorate of Livestock Services
  6.  Directorate of Fisheries


  1. Benue State tractor Hiring Services (BENTHA)
  2. Benue State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (BNARDA)

Tertiary Institution

  • Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture Yandev

Farm Training Centers

  •  Agricultural Training Center Mbatie
  • Agricultural Vocational Training Center, Otobi


  • Accelerated Food Production Programme

Source: Benue State Official Website