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Makurdi Local Government Area

Makurdi, Benue State capital was established in the early twenties and gained prominence in 1927 when it became the headquarters of the then Benue Province. Being a river port, it attracted the establishment of trading depots by companies such as UAC and John Holt Limited. Its commercial status was further enhanced when the Railway Bridge was completed and opened in 1932. In 1976, the town became the capital of Benue State.


Makurdi Local Government Area.

Council Wards:

  1. Agan
  2. Bar
  3. Central or South Mission
  4. Clerk or Market
  5. Fiidi
  6. Mbalagh
  7. Modern Market
  8. North Bank I
  9. North Bank II
  10. Wailomayo

The North Bank of Makurdi Local Government:

Houses among other establishments like:

  1. The Federal University of Agriculture,
  2. The Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering,
  3. The headquarters of the 72 Airborne Battalion, and
  4. The State Headquarters of the Department of Customs and Excise.

The Southern Part of Makurdi Local Government:

The Southern part of the town is made up of several wards including:

  1. Central Ward,
  2. Old GRA,
  3. Ankpa Ward,
  4. Wadata Ward,
  5. High Level,
  6. Wurukum (Low Level),
  7. New GRA and so on

Important establishments and offices located in the Southern part of Makurdi include:

  1. The Government House,
  2. The State Secretariat,
  3. The Federal Secretariat,
  4. Commercial Banks,
  5. Police Headquarters,
  6. Nigeria Prisons Service,
  7. Aper Aku Township Stadium,
  8. Nigeria Air force Base, Makurdi,
  9. The Makurdi Modern Market,
  10. The Federal Medical Centre,
  11. Nigeria Railway Station,
  12. Benue Printing and Publishing Company Limited,
  13. Radio Benue,
  14. Nigeria Television authority (NTA),
  15. Central Post Office,
  16. Benue Hotels, and
  17. Benue State University, BSU.


Owing to its location in the valley of River Benue, Makurdi experiences warm temperatures most of the year. The period from November to January, when the harmattan weather is experienced is, however, relatively cool.


Makurdi can be reached by:

  1. Air:Nigeria Airways and other private airlines provide air links between Makurdi and the rest of the country.
  2. Rail:The Makurdi Rail Bridge provides the only rail link between the northern and eastern parts of Nigeria.
  3. Road:
    Major Northern route is the:
    Makurdi to Lafia to Jos Road.Major Southern routes are:
    Makurdi to Otukpo to Enugu, and
    Makurdi to Yandev to Adikpo to Calabar, Cross River State Road.Major Eastern route ( Which attracts lots of traffic ):
    Makurdi to Yandev to Katsina Ala to Wukari roads.
  4. Water.
  5. Major West routes ( Which attracts lots of traffic ):
    Makurdi to Ankpa to Okene (1) Roads


The town is divided by the River Benue into the north and south banks, which are connected by two bridges:

  1. The Railway Bridge, which was built in 1932, and
  2. The New dual Carriage Bridge was commissioned in 1978.

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