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Leadership, Stories 10/10/2017 by Akaafele

Mr Gideon Dooyum Inyom

Mr Gideon Dooyum Inyom fondly called IDG; born to the family of Bishop Nathan Nyitar Inyom and Mrs Becky Inyom, The Anglican Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, from Tombo Mbalagh, Buruku Local Government Area. He is a Historian by training,  an ICT proficient by necessity  and a development practitioner by passion and choice. Trained in Nigeria and beyond, IDG bagged a […]

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Entertainment, Stories 4/10/2017 by Future Musiq Records

‘Amazing Mama’ – Archi

Intro: Uuuuuuuh ei a ei ya eh ahmmm uuh uuh eih a, aeiah them call me Archi Chorus: She’s so amazing she’s a blessing in disguise Her heart is pure and she never tell a lie Her love is priceless we can never buy And all she wants is the man who treats her right I got love for ma […]

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Shimewuese Bethany Ahua

Entertainment, Stories 2/10/2017 by Akaafele

I Started Fighting For The Tiv Nation At 27; Pa Unongo Kwagh Ngise

Development, Stories 1/10/2017 by Inyom Doo Gideon

Stephen Shiaondo Cyril Akuma, PhD

Leadership, Stories 28/09/2017 by Akaafele

Tersoo Itopa

Entertainment, Stories 27/09/2017 by Akaafele

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