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Artiste, Creatives, Stories 26/05/2020 by Akaafele

Bem Sar

Bem Sar, born John Bemdoo Sar, is a singer/songwriter and guitar player. The graduate of Business Management from the Benue State University has had a dynamic career over the last 20 years. “I write music to be performed live. My music is like riding a horse swimming in the ocean.” “It is safety in a dangerous place. I believe that […]

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Inspirational, Stories 26/05/2020 by Love Idoko

My Name is Love Idoko And This Is My Story

I am a Miracle…I am one whom God has helped…I am thankful…I lost my dad 5 days to my SSCE exams…I was devastated… The Government had fixed his funeral the same day I was meant to write JAMB/UME exams so I had to choose between writing JAMB/UME and attending my dad’s funeral. I decided to attend my dad’s funeral. It […]

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Three Lessons From MUTUK Online Management and Leadership Seminar

Development 5/05/2020 by Akaafele

Mule; The Story

Relationship 26/04/2020 by Mnena Jessica Ishan

Open Letter To The Governor Of Benue State

Development 26/04/2020 by Adiya Atuluku

Deja Vu

Culture, Stories 31/12/2019 by Kumashe Yaakugh

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Idoma International Carnival; 7th Edition

This year, the carnival is titled “Agbenu Kacholalo” meaning “the wealth of our people”. This theme will be the common undercurrent of all carnival activities, especially reflected in the lavish creative band designs. Below,

Unveiling And Fundraising; Kyegh Sha Shwa – Lagos