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Inspirational, Stories 17/05/2017 by Miss Fidelia Wuese Unongo

The Power Of “You Cannot”

At age 9, I remember gleefully climbing the staircase which led to the primary 3  classroom where the fine art club weekly meetings were held when surprisingly, I was welcomed with “what are you doing here? “Do you see any girl here? “She is always odd… I just stood there, trying to understand what was going on. Coming from a […]

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Education, Stories 17/05/2017 by Tersoo Edward Antsah

I Love Me An Expressive Woman

Semi nude! Usually, I try to stay out of stuff like this but I’ll make an exception. While what I’m saying may just be my opinion, it will certainly include some facts. We live in a society where our Nigerian men have set unreasonable expectations for women to follow and adhere to. Anything outside of the conversational thought process get […]

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Beating Doesn’t Make Your Wife To Respect You Or Make You The Man

Relationship, Stories 16/05/2017 by Dr. Usha Anenga

Danger Looms In Makurdi As The Rains Set In

Development, Stories 14/05/2017 by Ahokegh T Collins

Men Shouldn’t Hit Women? I Disagree

Relationship, Stories 14/05/2017 by Conan-Moses Orseer Anyamikegh

Call For Sustained Provision Of Basic Amenities To Rural Communities

Development, Stories 13/05/2017 by Comrade Atume Godwin Terungwa

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