I am Benue is a non-partisan on- and offline community without ethnic boundaries established to uplift and bring people together, sharing their life journey, knowledge and at the same time promote their events, organisations, businesses and so on. 

I am Benue blurs the border between homeland and diasporas in their host nations, providing authentic quality contents that educate and inform people about Benue State globally. 

Our Mission, Vision and Values

  1. To share and learn from people’s story.
  2. To promote establishments, to create awareness and add value to them.
  3. Exposing our rich heritage traditions and cultures globally.
  4. Preserving aesthetic cultural practices and traditional values focusing on Benue.
  5. To promote equality of opportunity and eliminate discrimination in the planning and delivering of our services in terms of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, health and income status.