The Concept

IamBenue is a replicate of Benue State community in our contemporary digital age, whereby the world has become a global village. It is a non-partisan community without ethnic boundaries that aims for togetherness which would contribute greatly moving Benue forward. It is a platform that “knowledge” is shared among Benue indigenes and friends to educate, inform, and entertain using authentic quality contents about Benue for global consumption.

IamBenue is here to change the narrative of Benue State, boldly demonstrating the “pride” of a Benue identity in the middle belt of Nigeria. A new voice with the “self-believe” that is here to implement new potentials that favors Benue indigenes and friends, speaking directly to motivate and help encourage investment in Benue State.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

  1. Exposing our rich heritage traditions and cultures globally.
  2. To encourage education in Benue State.
  3. To make health awareness more accessible.
  4. Reclaiming Benue aesthetic cultural practices and traditional values.
  5. To inform Benue indigenes of open opportunities and events.
  6. Encouraging “Made in Benue” products through innovative ideas to benefit our communities economically.
  7. Documenting and celebrating Benue achievement as well as engaging Benue indigenes.
  8. Open dialogues of progress.
  9. Engaging our professionals in open dialogues that could motivate others and help change their mindset for good.
  10. To promote equality of opportunity and eliminate discrimination in the planning and delivering of our services in terms of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, health and income status.