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Creatives, Fashion and Beauty, Stories 19/12/2021 by Akaafele

More About Mimidoo Mirabelle Uhundu

Mimidoo Mirabelle Uhundu was born on 6th June 1998. She is from Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State. She undertook her secondary school education in Makurdi and proceeded to the prestigious Benue State University (BSU) Makurdi where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. Mimidoo is an award-winning Beauty Queen with several accomplishments in her modeling career including; Winner […]

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Sports 29/11/2021 by iambenue

Opportunity for Nigerian Teens To Play Football Abroad!

Football, they say is life! It’s a game of life that is associated with passion, emotion, excitement and dedication, and it has successfully spread its tentacles into the lives of many people. Because of the significance of football, TikiTaka Football Club International Ltd was established. TikiTaka Football Club International Ltd is a parent company that offers exceptional development services and […]

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Culture, Relationship, Stories 30/10/2021 by I am Benue

The Hidden Secret Of The Benue Woman

I was highly disappointed reading a debate recently about Benue women being given to visitors as “kola”. Well, thank God for the person who vindicated Benue women! She was not even from Benue State but has lived in Benue all her life. According to the English Dictionary and Thesaurus, a woman is “an adult female person”, however, I refer to […]

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Stories 4/10/2021 by Sophia Myambala

October Newsletter

Greetings! To all my Nigerian family at home and in the diaspora, I pray you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration. Globally, October is known as a month for exploring African history, culture and tradition. As Africans, it is so easy to take for granted all the things that are great about our continent and indigenous heritage. We allow ‘others’ […]

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Stories 1/09/2021 by Sophia Myambala

September Newsletter

Happy August iambenue Family,

The theme for this month is “Don’t let people tell you otherwise, go on your journey and let it define you.

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ojotule olivia © I am Benue 2021

Development, Health, Stories 16/08/2021 by Ojotule Angela Omaji

This Is Sofia’s Sickle Cell Anaemia Story and Lessons

Sofia, is a 300-level student in the University who has just attempted suicide and it was her second attempt. Her mother was more afraid and worried than with her last attempt but she had no one to blame but herself for all the pain her daughter was going through. Sofia is a beautiful 20-year-old girl studying Microbiology at university and […]

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Music 16/07/2021 by Akaafele

Kapenta Of Benue – Jkobi

Intro Uhn, it’s your boy Jkobi, ladies and gentlemen,it’s the kapenta of Benue, I had to address this Benue hip hop situation men you already know they been waiting on me, let’s go Rap verse Joe spasm called me and he kapenta of BenueThat industry’s messed up am the fixer of BenueAll white everything I must be made in BenueGot […]

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Development, Education 2/07/2021 by Emmanuel Yawe

Wukari: Beauty In Its Diversity

The beauty of Wukari is that it has always been multi-ethnic. It was so long before the British incorporated it into the Northern Protectorate in 1900. The current misfortune of Wukari is caused by those who wish to create ethnic purity thereby rusticating select ethnic groups from it. At the time the British established themselves as masters in Wukari, they […]

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