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Ado Local Government Area

Ado Local Government Area was created in 1989, and derives its name from the Ado stream.



Council wards or Districts:

  1. Agila council ward
  2. Igumale council ward
  3. Ulayi council ward
  4. Ijigbancouncil ward, and
  5. Utonkon council ward


Benue State Local Government boundaries

  1. Otukpo Local Government Area,
  2. Okpokwu Local Government Area,
  3. Obi Local Government Area, and
  4. Oju Local Government Area.

Ebonyi State Local Government Area boundaries to Ado Local Government Area:

  1. Ishielu Local Government Area, and
  2. Ohaukwu Local Government Areas.

Agriculture produce:

Ado local government area is renowned for:

  1. Yam production,
  2. Rice production,
  3. Cassava production,
  4. Maize production, and
  5. Palm oil production.

Fishing is a popular occupation in the area due to the presence of the streams in Ado Local Government.

Streams in Ado Local Government:

  1. Okpokwu stream,
  2. Ogege stream,
  3. Awu stream,
  4. Atsani stream, and
  5. Ado stream.

Blacksmith produce:

  1. Hoes,
  2. Cutlasses and
  3. Other basic farm implements.

Mineral Resources:

Limestone, amongst other mineral resources, has been found in the local government area in commercial quantity.


The people of Ado local government speak a dialect of Idoma language except for the people of Utonkon who speak Ufia language.

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