Ethnic Composition

Benue State comprises of several ethnic groups which include:

  1. Tiv
  2. Idoma
  3. Igede
  4. Etulo
  5. Abakpa
  6. Jukun
  7. Hausa
  8. Akweya, and
  9. Nyifon

Many of the ethnic groups that inhabit Benue State today were associated with the rise and fall of Kwororofa Kingdom.

The ancient Kwororofa Kingdom under Jukun leadership was a confederacy of many ethnic groups that co-opted in a number of ways to lay the foundation of present day Benue and the neighbouring States like Plateau, Taraba and Cross River.

This great empire lasted till about the seventeenth century when it collapsed after suffering severe military attacks from the emerging Borno Empire. It is from this confederacy that the Idoma, Igala, Igbirra and Etulo are believed to have emerged at various times in history.