Ministry Of Science, Technology and Innovation

Headed By: Nick Eworo
Address: Ahmadu Bello Way, P.M.B 970101, Makurdi, Benue State

The vision of Benue State Ministry of Science and Technology is to make Benue a role model in the use of knowledge, principles, tools and techniques of science in converting poverty to wealth and thereby transforming the socio economic status of Benue State to greater heights.

The mission therefore is to employ science and technology in all socio-economic activities with the sole desire of improving the quality of life of Benue citizens and transforming Benue state, through strategic and coordinated utilization of available resources into a developed industrial and modern state international stature.


The ministry has the following directorates:

  1. Directorate Of Administration And Finance
  2. Directorate Of Science And Technology
  3. Directorate Of Information, Communication And Technology
  4. Directorate Of Planning, Research And Statistics
  5. Directorate of Mining And Solid Minerals

Core Functions Of The Ministry:

  1. To identify priority areas in the state for the application of science and technology.
  2. To create a databank of human and material resources available in the state for the development of science and technology.
  3. To liaise with relevant agencies of the federal government, state ministries and parastatals in matters relating to the development and application of science and technology.
  4. To establish viable links between Benue State government and the private sector in the development and application of science and technology.
  5. To organize the conduct of seminars, workshops and other programmes for popularization and promotion of science and technological activities at the national and international level.
  6. To bring all ICT related activities under a single ministry so as to give policy guidance to the converged industry.
  7. To develop and enhance indigenous capacity in ICT technologies and software development.
  8. To promote the universal access to high quality advanced information and communication technologies and services, in particular the internet and related capacities.

Agencies Under The Ministry:

  1. Benue Science and Technical Education Board, STEB

    Core mandate is capacity building in science and technology. STEB is also charged with the responsibility of supervising the science and technological colleges and impacting skills in engineering and technology in the state. This, is to ensure the desired optimal standards.
  2. Benue Information Technology Agency, BITA
  3. Directorate of Mining and Solid Minerals

Activities Of The Ministry:

  1. Purchase of Computers
  2. Installation of Vsat equipment and internet connectivity
  3. Training of state staff in ICT and in-house training as well
  4. Participation and updates on communication technology
  5. Training of Accountants
  6. Academic participation in national and international science competitions
  7. Provision of amenities like solar power street lights for Benue State
  8. Participation in national and international inventors and innovators’ Technology mart