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Ogbadibo Local Government Area

Ogbadibo local government area was created in 1991. The local government area derives its name from the Ogbadibo stream which flows through the area.



otukpa © I am Benue 2021
otukpa © I am Benue 2021

Councils or Districts:

Otukpa (with 6 council wards),

Orokam (with 3 council wards), and

Owukpa (with 4 council wards).


Ogbadibo Local Government Area Benue boundaries

  1. Okpokwu Local Government Area to the East.

Ogbadibo Local Government Area Kogi State boundaries

  1. Olamaboro Local Government Area to the North.

Ogbadibo Local Government Area Enugu State boundaries

  1. Udenu and Igbo-Eze North Local Government Areas to the West, and
  2. Isi-Uzo Local Government Area to the South.

Agriculture produce:

  1. Cassava,
  2. Millet,
  3. Palm wine, and
  4. Palm oil in commercial quantities.

Mineral Resources:

There are large coal and kaolin deposits in Owukpa and Orokam respectively.


The people of the Ogbadibo local government area predominantly speak a dialect of Idoma language.

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