Makurdi Markets

Markets in Makurdi local government are strategically positioned within the town that forms the capital of Benue state. In fact, most of these markets are named after the different locations, settlements or iconic attractions in the local government. As the capital of Benue state, Makurdi is the highest densely populated local government in the state with many markets, therefore these markets tend to ease transactions, congestion and lessen transportation costs. 

Below is the list of the major markets in Makurdi local government:

  1. Modern Market
  2. Wurukum Market
  3. High-Level Market
  4. Wadata Market
  5. North Bank Market
  6. Railway Market

And here are smaller markets in Makurdi local government:

  1. Fiidi
  2. Kanshio
  3. International market
  4. Akpehe 
  5. Malina 

Interestingly, similar products can be found in these markets in Makurdi. Items sold in these markets comprise beauty products, groceries, meat, food ingredients, fashion and textile, homeware, building materials, food produce and ingredients etc. However, few of the markets stand out from the others in terms of quantity and bulk.

Markets that stand out in Makurdi are:

Modern Market: 

Arguably, Modern Market is the biggest market in Makurdi. It stands out majorly for its wholesale deals.  This market contains wholesalers, retailers, and goods of all types. It is the only market in Makurdi that has a demarcation between the village side and the main part of the market. You find everything you need here like kitchen utensils, foodstuff, clothes, shoes, building materials, farm produce, jewellery and so on. And also, It is the only market that has a bank inside of it.

Wadata Market:

This market is majorly known for its special day where thrift items such as clothes, shoes, jewellery and bags are sold at affordable prices. That special day is Saturday. It is also a go-to market for fresh fish, dry fish and yams. Aside from this, the market opens every day of the week and sells other items as well.

Northbank Market:

The market stands out for its sales of livestock (goats, cows, ram etc). It also contains items and goods of different kinds but is majorly patronised by the people living in the North Bank environment.

Railway Market:

Every lover of fruits in Makurdi knows this is the right market to get all the fruits you desire. Though they also sell little other household items and foodstuff, it is well known for the fruits.