Logo Local Government Area

Logo local government was created in December 1996 out of Katsina-Ala Local Government Area. The name is derived from the Logo stream which runs through the local government from the east to the West.




Logo local government is located on the map of Benue state around longitude 9°4 east and latitude 7°40 north.


  1. To the East by Ukum Local Government Area
  2. To the North by Wukari Local Government of Taraba state, on the North-West by Guma Local Government Area
  3. In the West by Buruku Local Government Area
  4. In the south by Katsina-Ala Local Government Area


Logo experiences a typical tropical climate with two distinct seasons

  1. The rain season, and
  2. The dry season


Logo has a projected population of 120,000, according to 2006 population census report.


Logo local government is composed basically of Tiv speaking people, the 6th most populous ethnic group in Nigeria.

The local government is inhabited by two dominant groups namely; Ugondo and Gaambe-Tiev, and shares federal house of representative seat with Ukum and Katsina-Ala local governments and has one state house of Assembly seat.


  1. Mbater, Ugondo
  2. Mbagber
  3. Tombo, Gaambe
  4. Mbayam, Ugondo
  5. Mbadyul, Ugondo
  6. Nenzev, Ugondo
  7. Mbavuur, Gaambe
  8. Turan, Gaambe
  9. Ukemberagya/Tswarev, Gaambe
  10. Yonov, Ugondo

However, Logo is fast becoming a cosmopolitan area with other ethnic groups from Nigeria and beyond coming for business activities or public services jobs or simply to settle.


  1. Ugba
  2. Anyiin
  3. Anyilamo
  4. Abeda, and
  5. Zanzan


Major markets in Logo local government are:

  1. Anyiin
  2. Ugba
  3. Ayilamo
  4. Abeda
  5. Iorza Dooshima
  6. Dusa Anyone
  7. Adzege
  8. Wende Gondozua
  9. Mbadyul, and
  10. Ikyoo

Indeed, it is not for nothing that all roads lead to these markets in Logo local government. Traders come from far away places like: Kano, Maiduguri and Sokoto States in the far north, Enugu, Lagos and Port-Harcourt in the south to buy from those markets. Today, the prospects are even higher for those who will come to explore the local markets.


Logo local government boasts of tremendous tourist attractions that are yet to be developed fully. Indeed the area is supposed to be a flagship in the tourism industry.

The ancient salt wells at the popular salt mines at Mbatsum are a marvel to behold. Day by day, multitudes of tourist troop to this village to catch a glimpse of these fascinating sites.

Other attractions in Logo are the hills at Shisho, which is believed to have supernatural powers and the Agbanyadio hills.

There are also lakes like:

  1. Anyibe
  2. Adzege Bernor
  3. Warawa, and
  4. Jevje

This are wonderful sites. Fishing activities take place here at a high-scale.

Logo is a tourist’s paradise of offering many fascinating scenes to colourful activities to partake in, souvenirs to keep in memory. Investors in the tourism industry are therefore invited to take this advantage.


The rich culture of the people of Logo is expressed in numerous activities such as colourful dances, music and festivals. Other dance troupe such as Dooshima dance Troupes have represented Benue state on different occasions. There are tight Kpenye, Takere and Oliver Anye, Bagu and Swange and so on.



  1. Yam:
    Located all through the local government. Taped locally and used for yam flour mills.
  2. Rice:
    Located all through the local government. Taped locally for rice mills.
  3. Groundnuts:
    Located all through the local government. Taped locally for oil mills and animal feeds.
  4. Cassava:
    Located all through the local government. Taped locally for flour mills, animal feeds and starch.
  5. Soya Beans:
    Located all through the local government. Taped locally for oil mills, animal feeds and confectioneries.
  6. Sesame Seeds:
    Located all through the local government. Taped locally and processed for factory.


  1. Salt:
    Located at Mbatsum and Mbamar. Untapped yet for salt mining.
  2. Clay:
    Located at Gaambe-Tiev. Untapped yet for ceramics factory.
  3. Limestone:
    Located at Ugondo. Untapped yet for cement factory.
  4. Precious Stones:
    Located at Zanzan, Tsenge and Abeda. Untapped for export purposes.
  5. Tick Forest:
    Located at Ikyor and Umah.


With the development of tourism sites at Mbatsum, Shisho and Agbanyadio hills standard hotels are beginning to spring up.

The development of a cultural village-for training of dancers, musicians and theatre practitioners.


Logo local government is connected by a network of Federal, State, and Local Government Roads. For instance, there is a Federal road running through Ugba, the headquarters from Yandev in Gboko Local Government Area to Zaki Biam in Ukum Local Government Area of Benue State up to Wukari Local Government in Taraba State.

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