Kwande Local Government Area

Kwande Local Govt Area, formerly known as an, Intermediates area, created by D.O. J MacBridge, with the then headquarters at Manor. In September, 1976, it became one of the local government created under the Military government of General Murtala Mohammed.


Adikpo, also called “London”, as known for the friendly weather with a high-level of urbanisation.

A journey through Kwande links you through to, Cameroun by foot, Cross-River, Akwa-Ibom States, Ushongo town, Ugbema town, Katsina-Ala, Zaki-Biam to Taraba and Adamawa States.

The Spiritual and cultural heritage is traced to Jato-Aka town, named after the legendary Tor Jato Aka who was appointed by the colonial masters and custodian of the “Akombo”, the Tiv deity.

Geographical location:

East-South of Benue State

Area code:



2,744 Sq Km

Distance from Makurdi, the State Capital:

149 Km approximately, 1hour 30mins


345,850 (based on 2006 census)




Predominant Occupation:


Civil service, and


Mineral resources:


Table salt, and

Precious stones




Cross-River, and

Akwa-Ibom States

Districts or Council wards and Polling Units:

They are Fifteen (15) council wards with 16 districts in Kwande local government.

  1. Adikpo Township council ward, Nanev
  2. Liev I council ward, Ikyurav ya
  3. Liev II council ward, Ikyurav ya
  4. Mbadura council ward
  5. Mbagba/Mbakyan council ward
  6. Mbaikyor council ward, Turan
  7. Mbaketsa council ward, Shangev-ya
  8. Menev council ward, Ikyura-ya
  9. Tondov I council ward, Shangev-ya
  10. Tondov II council ward, Shangev-ya
  11. Usar council ward, Nanev
  12. Mbayoo council ward, Nanev
  13. Yaav council ward, Turan
  14. Moon council ward, Turan
  15. Kumakwagh council ward, Turan

Mbaikyor has Two (2) districts of Barakur and Mkomon.

Kwande local government has Two Hundred and Forty Eight (248) polling units across its council wards.

Major Towns:


Jato-Aka, and

Ikyogen, Koti


  • Adikpo,
  • Jato-Aka (every Saturday),
  • Chigba,
  • Gbajir,
  • Amahundu,
  • Adagi,
  • Manyam,
  • Koti-Shangev-Ya,
  • Ikyaor,
  • Ichol,
  • Ihonam,
  • Iyon,
  • Achia,
  • Kookoko,
  • Ada,
  • Adu,
  • Gese,
  • Wanbegha,
  • Gube,
  • Ikor,
  • Ajio,
  • Abande,
  • Ikyogen,
  • Nyihemeba,
  • Achagbe,
  • Aga (Saturdays),
  • Diiv (Mondays),

* Most of the markets fall after every four days.

Agricultural Produce:

Kwande is known for high production of cash crops like:

Cassava (garri),

Soya Beans,



Groundnuts, and

Sweet potatoes.

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