Agatu Local Government Area

Agatu local government area was carved out of Apa local government area.




In October 1996


By the 1991 census, it has a population of about 80,000


  1. Apa local government to the South,
  2. Gwer West to the East, and
  3. West by Kogi State to the West.

Council wards:

The local government has ten council wards.

Agricultural produce:
Agatu local government is acclaimed one of the food baskets of the Benue state because of its diverse rich agricultural produce which include:

  1. Yams,
  2. Rice,
  3. Beans,
  4. Cassava,
  5. Maize,
  6. Soybeans,
  7. Sorghum,
  8. Millet,
  9. Beniseed,
  10. Melon and many more.

And Agatu local government accounts for over 80% of fish production in Zone ‘C’ and of course the entire State.

Agricultural resources:

Agatu local government has a vast and fertile landmass which is tilled by the farming population that treasures agriculture as the bed-rock of its livelihood.

It also boasts of one of the longest stretches of river systems in the state with great potentials for a vial fish farming and dry season farming through irrigation.

Mineral resources:

  1. Limestone,
  2. Gypsum,
  3. Anhydride,
  4. Kaolin,
  5. Natural gas,
  6. Salt, and
  7. Petroleum

Forest resources:

  1. Iroko
  2. Ibeche
  3. Mahogany, and many others

These economic trees are found at Ogbaulu, Okagabi, Ogwumogba, Ichogolungun and Enogoje.

The local government area is willing to give prospective investors, a hitch-free granting of a certificate of occupancy (C of O) for those who need land for their business. It is hoped that with this gesture and prospects, individuals and corporate bodies committed to industrial

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