Gboko Local Government Area

Date created:

11th May 1970




2,264 Sqr Km


358,936 (2006 census)


Tiv, Hausa and English


  • Farming,
  • Trading, and
  • Civil Service

Mineral resources:



Dangote Cement Plc

Special tribute:

Traditional seat of Tor Tiv and Tiv traditional Headquarters

Distance from Makurdi:

92Km (1hr)


  1. Gboko Hills in the North
  2. Mkar Hills at the East
  3. J. S. Tarka Tomb

Area Code:


clifford jeiyol © I am Benue 2021
clifford jeiyol © I am Benue 2021

Districts, Council Wards, and Polling Units:

  1. Mbakpegh Council Ward
  2. Igyorov Council Ward
  3. Mbatan Council Ward
  4. Gboko-South Council Ward
  5. Mbatser Council Ward
  6. Mbakwen Council Ward
  7. Gboko-North-West Council Ward
  8. Mbaanku Council Ward
  9. Mbadim Council Ward
  10. Gboko-Central Market Council Ward
  11. Yandev-South Council Ward
  12. Yandev-North Council Ward
  13. Ukpekpe Council Ward
  14. Mbatyu Council Ward
  15. Mbadam Council Ward
  16. Gboko-East Council Ward, and
  17. Mbaaverakaa Council Ward

There are Seventeen (17) council wards and Eighteen (18) districts in Gboko. Gboko-North-West Council Ward has Two (2) districts.

Gboko local government has Three Hundred and Forty-Five (345) polling units.

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