Ministry Of Works, Housing and Urban Development

Headed by: Tiza Imojime
Address: State Government Office, Ministry of Works, Makurdi, P.M.B 970001, Benue State.

Benue State Ministry of Works and Housing, formerly known as Ministry of Works and Transport is one of the oldest ministries in Benue State. The Ministry of Works and Housing has the major responsibilities for conceiving, planning, designing, constructing and maintenance of state township and rural highways and procurement and maintenance of plants, vehicles and equipment.

The ministry serves as the engineer to the government and is adviser/consultant on all technical issues. The ministry is essentially a service ministry with only limited revenue generation through the issuance of road worthiness to vehicles that ply roads within the state.


To carry out the above-stated functions effectively, the ministry is structured into four directorates namely:

Directorate of Administration and Supplies

This department was created to assist Benue State government achieve its aims and objectives in human resources development and policy implementation. The department is the life wire of the ministry as it coordinates the activities of all other departments, bringing them to function as one body. It processes recruitments, promotion and discipline of all staff in the ministry as well as providing the administrative guidance to all other directorates.

Directorate of Civil Engineering

The civil engineering directorate is charged with the responsibility of planning, consulting, constructing, rehabilitating, supervising and maintaining government infrastructures such as:

  1. Rural Highways.
  2. Rural Roads.
  3. Bridges and Culverts.
  4. Township Roads.
  5. Drainage works and any other special function relating to civil engineering as may be assigned by the government.

Directorate of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering directorate is charged with the responsibility of:

  1. Rendering consultancy services on mechanical engineering matters.
  2. Repairs of government plants, generators and so on.
  3. Purchase of plants, vehicles and generator sets etc. for government.
  4. Certification and inspection of government vehicles.
  5. Inspecting and issuing road worthiness certificates to vehicles that are mechanically sound.
  6. Testing and issuance of learner’s permit and driver’s licenses to examine drivers.
  7. Prosecution of road traffic offenders in conjunction with the police and others.

Directorate of Account and Finance

The department is charged with the responsibility of coordinating all the financial activities of all the departments of the ministry and among other things undertake the following:

  1. Processing and paying off staff salaries and claims.
  2. Processing and paying all contractors either directly or through the subtreasury without delay.
  3. Keeping all financial transaction records involving the ministry.
  4. Bridge between the ministry and office of the Accountant General on Finance matters.

Benue State Ministry Of Works and Transport also oversees the activities of Benue Links Limited; The company is charged with the responsibility of providing subsidised transportation services to the citizens from one point to another within and outside the state.

There is also a Legal Unit that’s headed by the Deputy Director posted from Ministry of Justice and an information Unit headed by an information officer.