Ministry of Youths, Sports and Creativity

Headed By: Terkimbi Ikyange

The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Benue State plays a crucial role in shaping and enhancing the well-being of the youth and fostering a vibrant sports culture. Its responsibilities encompass various aspects:

  1. Youth Development: Implementing programs and policies that focus on the holistic development of young individuals, including education, skill-building, and empowerment initiatives.
  2. Sports Promotion: Encouraging and supporting the participation of individuals in sports activities. This involves organizing competitions, providing training facilities, and promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports.
  3. Infrastructure Management: Overseeing the development and maintenance of sports facilities such as stadiums, training centers, and recreational areas to ensure accessibility and quality infrastructure for athletes and enthusiasts.
  4. Athlete Support: Providing support systems for athletes, including financial assistance, coaching, and resources to enhance their performance in local, national, and international competitions.
  5. Youth Engagement: Creating platforms for the active involvement of young people in community development, civic participation, and social initiatives to instill a sense of responsibility and contribution.
  6. Policy Formulation: Developing policies that address the specific needs and challenges of the youth and sports sector, aligning with broader state development goals.
  7. Collaboration: Collaborating with relevant stakeholders, including educational institutions, sports organizations, and community groups, to synergize efforts in promoting youth development and sports.

Overall, the ministry aims to create an environment where the youth can thrive, both personally and athletically, contributing to the overall progress and well-being of the state.