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Apa Local Government Area


Ugbokpo is one of the councils created in August 1991.


Benue State shared borders

  1. To the North Agatu,
  2. To the South Otukpo and
  3. To the East Gwer West local government areas of Benue State

Kogi State shared borders

  1. To the West, Ankpa Local Government Area, and
  2. To the West, Omala Local Government Area

Agricultural produce:

Main farm produce from Apa Local Government are:

  1. Cassava,
  2. Maize,
  3. Yam,
  4. Melon, and
  5. Guinea-corn.

Mineral Resources:

  1. Gypsum,
  2. Limestone, and
  3. Salt

The found mineral resources in Apa local government area great potential for commercial exploration.

Towns and villages:

  1. Ugboko,
  2. Iga-Okpaya,
  3. Ikobi,
  4. Odugbo,
  5. Oiji,
  6. Ofoke,
  7. Oba Alifeti,
  8. Idada,
  9. Ojantela,
  10. Edikwu-Icho, and
  11. Ogbobi.


Idoma language.

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