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Leadership, Stories 5/02/2023 by Mshughter

Fr Adasu The Priest-Cum-Politician

Fr. Moses Orshio Adasu of Mbaamena, Shangev-Tiev, Konshisha local government of Benue State was among the 7 priests, who were the 2nd Class of Tiv indigenous priests in the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi in 1971, after James Akor, who had the honour of being the 1st in 1969. Fr. Adasu was 26 years old when he became a priest. Shortly […]

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Relationship, Stories 1/02/2023 by Sophia Myambala

February Newsletter

Happy New Month Friends! How far? I hope the beginning of your year has been a success and joy. February is the famous month of love and kindness and I’d like to know what you love about Benue. Leave a comment below. In light of this month, I’ve listed some businesses from the directory that can help you get ready […]

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How To Teach Children About Sex Education

Development, Education, Stories 31/01/2023 by Ochanya Cynthia Okwoli Adole

A Little Lesson I learnt From Wrapping Moi-Moi

Inspirational, Stories 16/01/2023 by Gift Manyam

Your Benue Root, Does It Really Matter To You?

Inspirational, Stories 8/01/2023 by iambenue

God Never Forgets – Dr Bakia

Inspirational, Stories 26/12/2022 by Akaafele