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Goats © I am Benue 2022

Folktales, Stories 25/08/2022 by Terna Ortese

Why Goats Don’t Climb Trees

My story goes like this: A long time ago when goats were still living in the bush with all the other animals, duties were shared according to what each animal could do. The duty of the dog was to warn of coming danger by barking, the firefly provided light in the forest at night, the monkey and baboon and chimpanzees […]

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lawyers © I am Benue, IamBenue 2022

Social Justice, Stories 22/08/2022 by Doosuur Ukula

Why Lawyers Are Social Engineers

You may have probably not known this, but lawyers are not just lawyers, they are also “social engineers”. And an engineer is “a person whose job is to repair or control machines, engines, or electrical equipment.”[1]. Thus, lawyers are also meant to fix and help in controlling the social environments and communities using the law and this function has bestowed […]

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The Probable Extinction of the Igede Language

Culture, Stories, Tradition 12/07/2022 by Ajogi Victor Ede

Pregnancy Out Of Wedlock; My Story

Inspirational, Stories 12/06/2022 by Kumashe Ayangeaor

How To Start A Peanut Business

Business, Stories 9/06/2022 by Doosuur Ukula

The Idoma’s Special Delicacy: Okoho Soup

Culture, Food, Stories 7/05/2022 by Omakeche Rebecca Odoh