Ministry Of Health and Human Services

Headed by: Yanmar Ortese
Address: Benue State Secretariat, Abu Obe Road, High Level, Makurdi. PMB 102093 Makurdi Benue State.

The Ministry of Health and Human Services has the cabinet responsibility of implementing national and state government health policies as well as providing technical input to assist the Benue State government in the formulation of its health policies for execution.

Primarily, the ministry aims at maintaining the health security of its citizenry.

The structure otherwise the departments of the ministry are:

Administration and Supply Department

The department coordinates the day-to-day management activities in the following areas:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Promotion
  3. Welfare/Staff claims
  4. Retirement of staff she is due
  5. Confirmation of appointments and the discipline of erring staff

Finance and Accounts Department

The major duty of this department is to receive approved funds from the Ministry of Finance and pay to other departments, bodies and individuals.

The following are the activities of the department:

  1. Salary and allowance.
  2. Overhead review to ascertain the cost of running the ministry.
  3. The ministry also funds the Benue State University Makurdi for equipment and logistics.
  4. Procurement of drugs, and stationery.

Public Health Service Department

The department of Public Health Services as a directorate is charged with the responsibilities of providing support on Benue State public health care management, delivery and other programs like:

  1. Immunization programme.
  2. Survey and the enlightenment of the people against nutrition.
  3. Enlightenment Programmes about HIV/AIDS and other STDs.
  4. Safe motherhood programme.
  5. Programme to curtail or detect epidemics.

Pharmaceutical Services Department

The department equally embarks on monitoring and supervision of patent medicine vendors all over the state, in the process, sanctions defaulters.

Nursing Services Department

  1. School of Nursing.
  2. School of Midwifery.

Clinical Services Department

The department of Clinical Services was created from the restructuring of the former department of medical and health services into public health and clinical services.

Its functions include:

  1. Provision of quality care and standard clinical practice.
  2. Accreditation and inspection of private health facility in Benue State.
  3. Periodic monitoring and supervision of private health facility to ensure standard of practice.

Planning and Research Services Department

The department coordinate the following activities:

  1. Renovation
  2. Government House Clinic
  3. Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi Local Government

The ministry also has three (3) parastatals operating under the ministry:

  1. Benue State Hospitals Management Board.
  2. Benue State University Teaching Hospital.
  3. Benue State Aids Control Agency, BENSACA.