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Killing Benue, Stories 20/04/2017 by iambenue

#StopBenueKillings Fashion Shoot

The #StopBenueKillings fashion shoot  protest campaign was conceived and executed to further loud the voices shouting stop the killings in Benue State by herdsmen through fashion. The campaign, was shot on the 14th of April, at a location in Makurdi the capital of Benue State. It featured 12 models, and no fewer than 10 other persons working behind the scene. […]

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Development, Stories 18/04/2017 by Dr. Usha Anenga

Memorandum Of Misunderstanding

Benue State Government signs MoU with Damtech Nigeria Limited or Hybrid Electric Power Scheme in Katsina-Ala. Benue State Government signs MoU with Humanitarian Environment Project Company, HEPC to invest £400 million in developing the agriculture value chain. Benue State Government signs $1bn MoU with an America-based company, Juma International in areas of agro-allied and clean water solutions. Benue State Government signs […]

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Business, Stories 16/04/2017 by Terna Ortese

Understanding The Business Plan

There has been a rise in the number of young entrepreneurs who have chosen to set up markets for various economic activities in recent years. This is of course very commendable. It shows that young people are working to break or reduce their dependence level in the society. This is something to be encouraged. Now, when talking or considering any […]

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Education, Stories 8/04/2017 by Prof. Yima Sen

They want our land; But who are they?

I am in a fiery mood today and I plead that you read me and think before commenting. Progressive praxis, that is theory plus practice demands a class analysis as well as a proper understanding of difference and its implications. I will apply both here regarding the Tiv question. The Tiv are Bantoid, in fact proto-Bantu, the original Bantu. They […]

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Leadership, Stories 8/04/2017 by His Royal Highness Muhammadu Sanusi, Emir of Kano the second

I am Fulani… The fault is ours

“Let me start by saying that I am Fulani (laughter). My grandfather was an Emir also Fulani my uncle and guardian was also the immediate late Emir of kano Alhaji Ado Bayero and therefore I represent all that has been talked about this afternoon. Sir Ajayi has written a book. And like all Nigerians of his generation, he has written […]

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Development, Stories 7/04/2017 by Ade Joseph Otor

Saluting The Gallantry Of Igede Chiefs

Yesterday, history was made in Igede. Igede finally selected her historic First Class Chief in the nomenclature of Adirahu Ny’Igede. A perfect gentleman turbaned with humility, christened with benevolence and glorified with excellent service has emerged. He is a retired Commissioner of Police, CP Ogah Ero. I am widely engrossed in felicity not just to watch this happening but, to […]

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Culture, Stories 7/04/2017 by Comrade Andyson Iji Egbodo, Coordinator, Igede Youth Coalition

Igede Is Not Idoma, We Are Not Historical, Biological Or Culturally Related

Adirahu Igede: Who is afraid of Igede? Suffice to begin this piece by stating from the get go that Igede are a unique people. Occupying majorly two local governments in Benue State, Obi and Oju with some pockets in Konshisha, Gwer West local governments and also parts of Cross River State, Igede are often marginalised especially by our more populous […]

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Health, Stories 5/04/2017 by Love Dooshima Innocent

Breast Cancer

Cancer is a disease caused by outgrowth or proliferation of cells in the body and this abnormal outgrowth may occur to the breast tissues or occur in the breast leading to tumour formation which leads to breast cancer. Breast cancer is really common to women but men are also susceptible to breast cancer. The early stages of breast cancer may […]

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Inspirational, Stories 5/04/2017 by Maranatha Innocent

My Kidnapped Story In Makurdi, Benue State

The 8th of March 2017 will forever remain a day to remember. So I went to the bank to withdraw some money since my mum needed it that evening and I wouldn’t be back home until 5pm. Of course banks will be closed by then so I had to withdraw that morning. Like every other day, I left for school […]

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