#StopBenueKillings Fashion Shoot

Security, Stories 20/04/2017 by iambenue

The #StopBenueKillings fashion shoot  protest campaign was conceived and executed to further loud the voices shouting stop the killings in Benue State by herdsmen through fashion.

The campaign, was shot on the 14th of April, at a location in Makurdi the capital of Benue State. It featured 12 models, and no fewer than 10 other persons working behind the scene.

© Photo by Aleva Photography, #benuekilling1

The whole purpose of the campaign, a fashion shoot protest tagged #StopBenueKillings was to… Yes speak out against the killings but importantly to use what we love, know and do which is fashion; and say #StopBenueKillings. With the hope that it will encourage other forms of protest that are not the usual.

For, saying #StopBenueKillings can never be over said.

Project team:

Campaign coordinators: Shimataver Igbawua and Sildek Asev
Fashion brand: Sildekstylecity
Creative direction: Sildek Asev
Makeup and styling: Sildekstylecity in house team
Photographer: Aleva Photography
Media relations and publicity: Shimataver Igbawua

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