George Onmonya Daniel © I am Benue 2023

Leadership, Stories 30/08/2023 by George Onmonya Daniel

Charity Begins At Home: The Tiv-Idoma Politics Everyone Is Afraid To Talk About

NOW THAT I HAVE GOTTEN YOUR ATTENTION, let’s discuss some real issues. The Tiv-Idoma politics. Before I go further, let me tell you that I have great respect and admiration for Joseph Tarka, a great Nigerian and Middle Beltan politician, and Major Gideon Orkar, the Nigerian Army officer who read the coup speech in 1991 in that failed attempt to […]

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terna francis © I am Benue 2023

Leadership, Stories 7/04/2023 by Tersoo TeeCube

Political Gimmicks Of The North

It is commendable that the Kaduna State government has appointed a Benue native as the education secretary, and we, as the people of Benue and the Middle Belt, celebrate and congratulate our fellow citizen Terna Francis Ph.D. for his well-deserved appointment. This move towards inclusivity and recognition of Nigeria’s diversity is laudable. However, it is important to acknowledge that Nigeria’s […]

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reuben acka © iambenue 2023

Leadership, Stories 2/04/2023 by Barr. Reubens Acka

Nigerians Living In Muti-dimensional Poverty

Basic Facts 72% of Nigerians living in muti-dimensional poverty reside in rural areas, like, Tse-Ackaa Sakera Town in Mbamaar District of Logo Local Government Area of Benue State, North-Central Nigeria. Locate your own town in your mind and you will understand what rural area means in Nigeria. That is where 72% of poor Nigerians live. This is basically within a […]

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moses adasu © I am Benue 2023

Leadership, Stories 5/02/2023 by Mshughter

Fr Adasu The Priest-Cum-Politician

Fr. Moses Orshio Adasu of Mbaamena, Shangev-Tiev, Konshisha local government of Benue State was among the 7 priests, who were the 2nd Class of Tiv indigenous priests in the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi in 1971, after James Akor, who had the honour of being the 1st in 1969. Fr. Adasu was 26 years old when he became a priest. Shortly […]

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Dooshima Deborah Aku © I am Benue IamBenue 2022

Leadership, Stories 1/04/2022 by I am Benue

What You Should Know About Dooshima Deborah Aku

Dooshima Deborah Aku is an undergraduate law student at Benue State University. She is a core student unionist, student leader and advocator who believes one must be part of the system before positive change can be effected.  Deborah is from Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State. She was born in Gboko, where she acquired both her primary and secondary education. […]

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kamo sende ©

Leadership, Stories 25/01/2022 by Doosuur Ukula

Ayatutu Bar Is At Risk

Barrister Kamo Sende shook social media on Friday, the 14th day of January 2022, causing reactions from numerous people with his post about the “Ayatutu Bar”. From his explanation, the Ayatutu Bar comprises of a forum of Tiv lawyers, some of whom are mentors and those who have positioned themselves to receive mentorship from the big and experienced wigs. The […]

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Governor Ortom © I am Benue 2021

Leadership 28/04/2021 by Aondona Simon Iwar

Dear Governor Samuel Ortom

Governor Samuel Ortom, a governor enmeshed in a frustrating leadership of crises, killings, burning and destruction. Sir, your leadership has seen some of Benue’s worse trouble times, from constant Herdsmen attacks and killings, communal clashes, military clampdown, Sankera killings and the Gana saga, Denen and Adyoughrough brutal murder as your staff and security aid and all manner of crises. We […]

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kohol iornem © I am Benue 2021

Leadership 24/04/2021 by Dr Kohol Shadrach Iornem

The Naija Mindset Needs Restructuring

I recall when I came to London in 2009. My dad was at Heathrow Airport to welcome me. He bought an Oyster card for me. The card is your ticket to ride on all London buses and trains. You can buy a weekly, monthly, daily or ‘Pay As You Go’ pass. The Oyster card opens the barriers before you board […]

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