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Q. Do The Igede People Marry Tiv People?

Culture, Stories 13/08/2020 by Olivia Ejeh

The question I hate being asked as an Igede lady. I mean I can’t even say Yes, No, Maybe… I just laugh and walk away because I don’t even know and can’t tell why.

We all belong to one human race… To me, that’s all that matters

For all I know, the tribal or communal or whatever crises the Igedes have against Tivs have from day one meant nothing to me. I grew up in a Tiv man’s land and I can boldly say the Tiv have nothing against the Igede people, they are willing to marry an Igede lady anytime anyway but their so-called tradition won’t take their blindfolds off their eyes.

I eat Tiv dishes, I cook them well, I speak it if not more than I can speak Igede language, I write and read well in Tiv, I’ve grown to have Tiv friends and I feel even more accepted and comfortable with the Tiv people than I do with my own…

I have a cousin who has three kids with a Tiv lady, his dad swore his son wouldn’t end up with a Tiv woman yet he took the kids, very inhuman…

I don’t mean to make any Igede person especially those obsessed with their tradition feel bad but like seriously! Can we just stop pretending we’re alright with this and do something already…

I didn’t choose where to be born, it chose me… but if my our forefathers chose tribal crises over humanity then I choose it not! We all belong to one human race… To me, that’s all that matters. My forefathers have lived their lives and made their decisions, its time for me to live mine and make my decisions…

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4 thoughts on “Q. Do The Igede People Marry Tiv People?

  1. Apeh

    We all born of one parent just little knowledge and like of understand between us no need of killing ourselves we should learn to love one other one benue one Nigeria one middle beit

  2. Hembadoon

    I love your view about the whole thing. Tiv and Igede people obviously have been living at swords ends because of reasons we couldn’t explain. But I think whatever the cause of disagreement is, it can be settled.
    I’d rather live my life than have some vows from people who are dead and long gone deprive me of mixing.
    I have Igede friends, and I enjoy their company, yes at least they haven’t given me reason to think I’m being treated as a non tribe.
    So my people, let’s go back to our roots. Imagine the joy of sharing our diverse cultural beliefs and practices, it will be harmonious . We’re all created by one God. Let love lead

  3. Larry King

    I have done much research about this Igede-Tiv feud but am yet to put my hands on something concrete.

    However, its frightening that these do date, have children out of wedlock, accept them but refuse to marry…what a waste.

    With Prof James Ayatse and Chief Egbere Ogbu in place as paramount rulers of both tribes, I believe its a challenge on them to build unity and resolve whatever differences existed in the past for the progress of their younger ones.

  4. Joe Abah ( Abuja )

    This issue is beyond the new generation of Igede people, it has something to do with the ancestors who vow never for an Igede person to marry a Tiv person. It all borne down to cultural practice/differences which a section of the society may perceived as abominable to them.

    The custodians of the igede culture can end it if the want to, but, it will come with a heavy price which no one will want to pay.

    The issue is a very serious one in igede land, generation to generation have come to learn about it, and keep it with pride.


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