Succession Chart of Ukum Chief Executives

  1. Hon. Comrade Kartyo Tyoumbur
    Elected Chairman from 2022 to present
  2. Hon. Barr. Teryima Nguher (JP)
    Executive Chairman from 27th November 2012 to (to be confirmed)
  3. Hon. Terfa Bossua
    Caretaker Chairman from 26th May 2012 to 27th November 2012
  4. Dr. Daniel Tarkaa(JP)
    D.G.S.A/Acting Chairman from 9th May 2012 to 26th May 2012
  5. Hon. David Sevav(JP)
    Caretaker Chairman from 19th January 2011 to 9th May 2012
  6. Mr. Daniel Tarkaa(JP)
    D.G.S.A/Acting Chairman from 31st December to 19th January 2011
  7. Hon. David Sevav
    Executive Chairman from 15th April 2010 to 31st December 2010
  8. Hon. Emmanuel Kuma-Seta
    Acting Chairman from 16th March 2010 to 15th April 2010
  9. Hon. David Sevav (Day Break)
    Executive Chairman from 4th April 2008 to 16th March 2010
  10. Hon. Sylvester Atachin
    Chairman Caretaker Committee from 13th July 2007 to (3rd April 2008)
  11. Mr. B.T. Ashaver
    Caretaker Committee Chairman from 29th December 2006 to 26th June 2007
  12. Hon. Iorhen Aku
    Transitional Committee Chairman from 29th March 2006 to 29th December 2006
  13. Hon. Iorhen Aku
    Acting Chairman from 31st October 2005 to 27th March 2006
  14. Hon. Terngu Iyorkyaa
    Elected Chairman from 31st March 2004 to 30th October 2005
  15. Mr. B.T. Ashaver
    Interin Administrator from 23rd February 2004 to 30th March 2004
  16. Hon. Terngu Iyorkyaa
    Transitional Committee Chairman from 16th August 2003 to 22nd February 2004
  17. Hon. James Nyitse
    Transitional Committee Chairman from 6th February 2003 to 1st August 2003
  18. Hon. Biam Azege Biam
    Transitional Committee Chairman from 29th May 2002 to 30th January 2003
  19. Hon. James Ityoakoso
    Elected Chairman from 29th May 1999 to 28th May 2002
  20. Mr. William Itodo
    Caretaker Committee Chairman from 24th July 1998 to 28th May 1999
  21. Hon. Dominic Chia
    Elected Chairman from 24th March 1997 to 23rd July 1998
  22. Hon. Emma Udende
    Elected Chairman from 1st April 1996 to 23rd March 1997
  23. Hon. Jonah Akobo
    Ag. Caretaker Committee Chairman from 1st October 1995 to 31st March 1996
  24. Hon. Ben I. Amih
    Caretaker Committee Chairman from 6th April 1994 to 27th September 1995
  25. Mr. Thomas Chagba
    DPM/Secretary from 12th November 1993 to 5th April 1994
  26. Hon. Paul O. Uyoo
    Elected Chairman from 2nd December 1991 to 11th November 1993
  27. Mr. Fidelis Anweh
    Sole Administrator from 1st October 1991 to 1st December 1991
  28. Mr. Iyordoo Yakubu
    Sole Administrator from 1st October 1983 to 31st January 1984
  29. Mr. Ju Ikyuan
    Caretaker Committee Chairman from 1st December 1980 to 30th September 1983
  30. Mr. Chris I. Hua
    Sole Adminstrator from 1st June 1980 to 29th July 1980
  31. Mr R.W. Erukaa
    Sole Administrator from 29th February 1980 to 31st May 1980