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Gboko Markets

Gboko Local Government area comprises of 5 districts which have several markets scattered all over the districts.

The markets sells products mostly produced in the district, but however these markets sells little of other products sold or produced in their neighbouring district.

The districts are:

  1. Mbatyav
  2. Mbatyierev
  3. Mbayion
  4. Yandev, and
  5. Ipav

These districts have fertile lands that favours different crops produced and these results to the products sold in the market of such districts.

Details of Markets according to their districts:


Main market:


A brief history of Akpagher Market:

Akpagher is the Headquarters of Mbatyav district in Gboko Local Government. As a result of the headquartership at the era of Zaki (Tyoor, Chief) Akpagher Adigyuve, the market was named after Akpagher because of the respect for chiefs at that time.

The market was sited because as a headquarter, people from all areas across the state and the nation will come for settlement which will enhance transaction.

Akpagher Market is located in Gboko West constituency in Gboko Local Government area, it is the major market in Mbatyav, which buys after five days.

Many buyers and sellers come to the market with various products and services which include:

  1. Agricultural produce
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Beverages
  4. Meats and so on

Location and products:

The market is sited along Gboko – Aliade road where it attracts many other farmers in areas like Ikpenger, Ikpah, Luga mbatyav, and Ikyumbur among others bring their produce making the market major products to be yams and soya beans, along side the manual manufacturing of aluminium pots bringing the rise to the production of aluminium pots(Jogobi) as another major products.

The many and cheap sale of yams, soya beans and aluminium pots brings people all over the state and beyond for the purchase of these products.

Other markets:

Ikpenger, Ikyumbur, Luga Mbatyav, Igbesue, Ityoado, Anhundu, Anidyer, Ichigh ki ukough, Aoo, Anchiha, Atim kaa er, Achidam, Abagen, Azaga and Ujon city markets among others. 

Market days:

These markets occur after every five days with Akpagher as their main market. All these markets sells various agricultural products in smaller quantities to merchants who resell the goods in large quantities to people in Akpagher market.

The major produce of Mbatyav district are:

  1. Yams
  2. Maize
  3. Sorghum, and
  4. Soya-beans


  1. Sor Mathew 
  2. Tyavnyam Akpagher, Market Overseer
  3. Tagesa Akombubee, Aide to the Market Overseer
  4. Adori Jandawa, Elder Mba-ati    


Main market: 


Other markets:

  1. Luga Mbatyierev market
  2. Ikpenger market
  3. Yenge market
  4. Agayo market
  5. Wohiev market
  6. Utile market, and
  7. Ishuwa market 

Market days:

These markets occur after every five days with Ikpah as their main market. 

The main products sold here are:

  1. Beni-seed
  2. Millet
  3. Yams,  and
  4. Local/native ropes


Main market:

  1. Tse-kucha
  2. Other markets:
  3. Igyura market
  4. Abetse mba mtee market
  5. Apine market
  6. Adi togurah market
  7. Mke market, and
  8. Bunde market 

The major products sold here are:

  1. Fresh garden eggs
  2. Fresh tomatoes and pepper
  3. Fresh onions
  4. Fresh sweet potatoes, and
  5. Salt


Main market:

Tarukpe Market

Other markets:

  1. Ikyado market
  2. Apeinumbu market
  3. Ityeku market, among others

The major produce in these market are:

  1. Fresh Mangoes
  2. Fresh Oranges, and
  3. Soya beans


Main market: 

Ortese market

A brief history of Ortese Market:

Ortese market came into existence as result of the missionaries settlement at Mkar. Mkar is a mountain in Ipav district of Gboko Local Government. The main aim of the missionaries was to extend christian or religious knowledge, western education, good and improved health services and development of Tiv community and unlike other markets which were established as  a result of the settlement of the the missionaries buys every Saturday, and it is a major market in Ipav.

Market location:

Ortese is located in Gboko East, and outskirts of Gboko main town, along Gboko via Ameladu road


The market comprises of of both young and adult sellers and buyers with commodities like:

  1. Millet(amine)
  2. Wua(sorghum)
  3. Beni Seed (Ishwa)
  4. Maize (Ikyulekye), and also
  5. Cereal products in small and large quantities.

Other markets:

  1. Mkovur market
  2. Masaje market
  3. Ichembe market
  4. Gatie market
  5. Ankyov market
  6. Ameladu market
  7. Offeegu market, and many others

Market days:

These markets buys after 7days.

Their main product are:

Mostly craft work such as:

  1. Motter and Pistols(Lu man tyoo)
  2. Bamboo beds and chairs(gambe man mkonum ma atsoo)
  3. Small and big hoes(abya man gbaa)
  4. Hand made knives
  5. Hand made cutlasses
  6. Hand made machetes
  7. Hand made axes, including crabs


  1. Mr. Ugoh S.I. Ortese, Market Overseer
  2. Mr. Asenge Gashia, Ipav Elder
  3. Mr. Orhena Agaga     

Why Different Market Days

It is because of different ideologies of settlement. For example: a district may try to restrict its indigenes from patronising a market in another district.

To protect the interest of the their communities. Example, revenue gotten from other markets are pulled to their own market, revenue like levies from local goods.

More so, in each district there is one major market fixed in such away that no feeder market will fall with it.

For example: In Ipav, Ortese market(on Saturdays), Akpagher(in Mbatyav), Ameladu(Sundays), Ikpa(in Mbatyierev), Tarukpe(in Yandev), and Tse kucha in Mbayion.

Why Many Markets In The Gboko

Gboko local government is a large local government area in Benue State with people spread all over the districts, therefore the markets are at different days to help transaction and congestion of people because you can not expect people to move their produce from Ikpa in Mbatierev to Ortese in Ipav to sell.

As most market sell farm produce which are mainly bulky, the cost of transportation may be even more than the selling cost of the commodities. For example: the cost of transporting a basket of tomatoes from Mbatiav to Yandev will be about N300 while the selling price of tomatoes is N400 only per basket.

Items Sold In The Market

Hence Gboko is predominantly consists of farmers. The main items sold are farm produce which include:

  1. Yams
  2. Soya-beans
  3. Cassava produce such as garri and akpu
  4. Groundnuts
  5. Fresh and dry fish
  6. Pig and pork
  7. Cows and beef
  8. Goat and molton
  9. Sorghum
  10. Maize
  11. Beni-seed
  12. Burukutu or tiv liquor
  13. Frogs
  14. Pawpaw
  15.  Rice
  16. Beans, and others from their local farms mainly unprocessed produce.

Other traders brings: Maggi, Clothes, Salt, Oils, Cosmetics and others to satisfy the Gboko people that have brought their items for sale.