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Idoma International Carnival

The Idoma International Carnival was founded by Prince Edwin Ochai in 2013 with aim of showing beauty, hospitality and the Rich culture of the Idoma people. The carnival was then known as the Agila Social and Economic Carnival.  The Idoma International Carnival was created to revitalize  the dormant Cultural heritage of the Idoma land; its ultimate goal is to bring about a cultural Revival. Additionally, it aims to mobilize Investments by highlighting the business opportunities and resources in the Idoma Land resulting in the economic rebirth and empowerment of the young people. These goals are expected to be accomplished with the aid of art and culture. 

Face Of Idoma

Idoma Food Fair

Traditional Wrestling

Carnival Village

Football Competition

Cultural Carnival

Obodo dance troop from Obi Local Government Area of Benue State, the official winners of the 2018 edition of the Idoma International Carnival cultural competition.

Cash price is N100,000. Igede people celebrate this one!

Dancers from Plateau State thrilling the crowd at 2018 Idoma International Carnival.

Carnival Street Party


Mr. Machoman

Music Concert