Ministry Of Information and Orientation

Benue State Ministry Of Information and Orientation was created from the creation of the Benue as a state in 1976. It once shared paternity with Internal Affairs, Establishments, Social welfare and culture and tourism until July 2011.


The ministry has the following administrative structure headed by a director:

  1. Directorate of Planning, Research, Publication and Documentation.
  2. Directorate of Public Enlightenment and Orientation.
  3. Directorate of Information and Communication Technology.
  4. Directorate of Press and Public Relations.
  5. Directorate of Graphics Arts.
  6. Directorate of Administration and Finance.


  1. Radio Benue Cooperation.
  2. Benue Printing and Publishing Corporation (publishers of the Voice Newspaper);
  3. Benue Television Corporation.
  4. Benue State Library Board.
  5. Government Printing Department.