Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Headed By: Alumo Orpin
Address: Benue State Secretariat, Abu Obe Road, High Level, P.M.B 102027, Makurdi.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry typically oversees economic policies, trade, and industrial development at the national level. Its responsibility to the Benue state government includes:

collaboration on trade promotion, investment facilitation, and policy coordination to enhance the state’s economic growth. Additionally, it works thoroughly to align industrial strategies and foster a conducive business environment within the state.

Benue State Ministry of Commerce and Industries is structured into three (3) departments combining the exit of tourism to the new ministry of culture and tourism.

They are:

Department of administration and finance

  1. The department assists the government to achieve its aims objective in policy implementation as reflected in the two divisions of the department.
  2. The administrative department is the life wire of the ministry as it coordinates the activities of other departments.
  3. The department brings them to function as one body, While the finance department is charged with the responsibility of coordinating all the financial activities of all the departments of the ministry.

Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce is subdivided into the following units:

  1. Trade and investment promotion

This unit is the engine room of the department of commerce. It promotes both internal and international trade activities which culminate in the attraction of both domestic and foreign investments to the state. 

The office is responsible for the establishment of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, NEPC. The organization and promotion of all forms of trading activities such as trade fair are core functions of the ministry.

The following are carried out by the department:

a. Makurdi Development, Research and Statistics.
b. Makurdi Modern Market.
c. Makurdi Ultra Modern International Market.
d. Market Development in Benue State Local Government Areas.
f. Registration of business premises and commercial promotions.

2. Market development, research and statistics.

3. Registration of business premises.

4. Commercial promotions.

On the whole, the department has the cabinet responsibility of promoting the growth and development of all aspects of commercial activities in Benue State.

Department of industries

This department administratively creates conducive environment for development, investment and encourage active participation of the private sector through Public Private Partnership, PPP.

Privatization policies which reduces government ownership and allows private ownership of enterprises is one of the most important mandate of the department.

There are a couple of some enterprises under the department’s jurisdiction:

  1. Taraku Mills Limited, Taraku, Gwer Local Government Area.
  2. Mbatiav Cement.
  3. Agro Millers Limited.
  4. Igumale Cement.
  5. Lobi Cassava Limited.
  6. Benfruits Nigeria Limited.
  7. Benue Plastic Factory.
  8. Benue Burnt Bricks Limited, Otukpo Local Government Area.
  9. Fruit Juice (Formally Yuteco Foods), Gboko Local Government Area.
  10. Benco Roofing Tiles, Abinsi.
  11. Coal Powered Plant Owukpa.
  12. Industrial Park Project and Industrial layouts, Naka Road, Makurdi Local Government Area.
  13. Mega Foods and Beverages Processing Co. Limited, Wannune.
  14. Benue State Government-Bank of Industry.
  15. Federal Government Enterprise Development Center, Benue State chapter, Makurdi Local Government Area.
  16. Benue Business Incubator, BBI.