I am confused, life; Queen Precious Ogidi

Relationship, Stories 13/11/2016 by iambenue

I am confused, life; Queen Precious Ogidi

I am confused on a lot of things in life right now, all my life I have always known its not going to be easy but hey is part of the process. Growing up my best colour was yellow but now its green, things change I know but some cross the line, even as hard as the tortoise back was […]

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Relationship, Stories 19/10/2016 by Tsuwa Jennifer

26 Things Benue Men Must Know

A little ‘thank you’ could strengthen her. Even when she knows she’s Beautiful, she would like hearing it from you sometimes. A little kitchen help kills no ego. Every lady wants a man that can protect her, she needs to be safe around you! To some ladies, collecting money from you is just your little commitment to the relationship and […]

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Culture, Stories 15/03/2014 by Contributor

Hospitality, Not Weakness

The Tiv people of Benue state have one of the best cultural beliefs in the world. They are so hospitable that regard strangers as gods, and in some cases, protect their visitors with their lives. Their kindness to strangers is exceptional. But unfortunately, this kindness was seen as weakness and taken for granted by many. The Gbango yam of the […]

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Religion, Stories 22/01/2014 by Akaafele

A Journey With Bible Books

Our journey began at Genesis through Exodus. On the way, we saw Leviticus recording the Numbers of people at Deuteronomy, while Joshua was waiting at the beautiful gate for Judges to see Ruth calling loudly “Samuel, Samuel”. At a stage, the first and second Kings of Chronicles were coming to visit Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther for the misfortune of Job, […]

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Religion, Stories 6/11/2013 by Akaafele

Prayer for Benue State of Nigeria

God our father in heaven, you are the source of all wisdom, unity and love. Emperors, kingdoms and dominions tremble at your supremacy. To you belong glory, honour and power and no one can withstand you. We thank you immensely for the gift of our beloved and most cherished Benue. We cannot thank you enough for the legacies of our […]

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Religion, Stories 26/03/2013 by Akaafele

N.K.S.T Church: Is it really indigenous?

I knew the N.K.S.T church to be a Tiv church but it seemed my knowledge was limited when I discovered the N.K.S.T Church in Abeokuta and not just that it was located there, but was dominated by the Yoruba. I was propelled to upgrade my knowledge of this church. You may think I am promoting a church, so let me […]

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Relationship, Stories 26/03/2013 by iambenue

Did She Leave You Because Of A Problem? Check The Rules

It’s a general rule that when your girlfriend decides to leave you, it means there are problems. Chances are, you’ve done a lot of things wrong and, depending on your situation, she is probably leaving you for reasons you didn’t think about. Here are some reasons women leave men. 1. Lack of attention Women love it when their men notice […]

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Relationship, Stories 25/03/2013 by Tyover Gum

Women and their different shades

I can still remember telling my mother in the face some years ago in the middle of a heated argument “women are all the same, whether you are somebody’s mother or not” at the twilight of my tertiary education. That comment jolted her, took her completely off guard, and she cursed, threatened, lamented and put up a dangerous frame, as […]

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