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10 Good Things To Be A Tiv Person

Inspirational, Stories 27/05/2024 by Fr. Vesuwe Benjamin

  1. Rich cultural heritage:

    Tiv people have a vibrant culture with unique traditions, customs, and values worth being proud of, such as respect for elders. You cannot be sitting down while your elder is standing. The head of the family makes or must be informed of any serious decisions about the family or concerning any family member.
  2. Strong sense of community:

    Tiv people are known for their warm hospitality, and strong sense of community, making you feel connected and supported.
  3. Resilience and hard work:

    Tiv people are renowned for their resilience, determination, and hard work, which help them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. They are by nature agrarian.
  4. Delicious cuisine:

    Tiv people have a mouth-watering cuisine, with dishes like pounded yam, cassava flour mixed with maize flour(luam nahan). and ikyegh sha shwa, or ishu sha ishwa or the seasonal genger. these are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

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  5. Beautiful language:

    The Tiv language is a beautiful and expressive language, with a rich literary tradition and poetic flair. ‘Ka or a tomuun we ake, u ngurun nan sha ishegh ga’.

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  6. Vibrant music and dance:

    Tiv people have a lively musical heritage, with rhythms and dances like the “tswe-tsele” and “Swange” amongst many others surely will get you moving.

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  7. Strong family ties:

    Tiv people place a high value on family and kinship, providing a sense of belonging and support. “Ya na angbian” and “ichange mom”
  8. Rich history and mythology:

    Tiv people have a rich history and mythology, with stories of heroes, legends, and ancestors that are fascinating and inspiring.

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  9. Beautiful traditional attire:

    Tiv people have stunning traditional attire, with intricate patterns and colours that showcase their creativity and style, such as “anger” and “viav to”.

  10. Strong sense of identity:

    Being a Tiv man gives one a strong sense of identity and belonging, connecting one to a proud and vibrant heritage.
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