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Chapter One: Tales Of The Heart

Relationship, Stories 6/05/2018 by Martha Okenyi

She sat alone, all by herself that morning along the path that led to the village waiting, as the birds entertained her with their melody from the trees, feeling the whispering wind that made the trees sway in its awe, as it soothe her smooth, soft, ebony skin that glowed under the bright sun with it’s gentle kiss.

Her edema covered her bossom and waist depicting more of the africanism in her. With her eyes, just below the thick, caramel-coloured halo of neatly combed hair tied up in a bun and the high forehead with a beauty spot just at the middle and the slim eyebrows that nearly met were Ene’s glazed eyes, the colour of burnt ember. She seldom blinked. Her nose was slim and pointed and her full, pink lips had an inadvertent lascivious pout. Getting a smile out of those lips was nigh impossible as wringing a stone to get water. Just  like her mothers; so bright and beautiful.  She was not just pretty on the outside but with a heart worth more than her beauty.

Few miles away from where she sat were two young men heading to the village; Oche and Shima.

Wow! I finally found her, such a beauty to behold. she’s sure going to Make a good bride, I must win her heart.
Oche said spotting her from afar, with a sigh of relief that he finally found Ene after searching almost the whole village for her that morning.
There she is! She must have waited for me all day… Shima said to himself.
The Two young men raced towards Ene with a speed that would make bullet trains believed they are snails.


  • An Alechenu Godwin Production presents: Tales of the heart.
  • Written by: Martha Okenyi
  • Photography: Kelvin Agber
  • Models: Alechenu Godwin (08100077386), Queen Abutu, and Larry Martins

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