andii lindsay © I am Benue 2021

Entrepreneurship, Fashion and Beauty, Health, Stories 1/10/2021 by Sophia Myambala

The Story of Supreme Health Coach, Andii Lindsay

Andii is a fashion designer and serial entrepreneur of Jamaican heritage. As a young girl, her passion for textiles and fabrics was indulged as she watched the women in her family sewing. At 17, Andii received a runner-up prize in a national design competition before heading to fashion school. In 2015 she was invited to the Houses of Parliament in […]

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viashima tersoo © I am Benue 2021

Fashion and Beauty 27/01/2021 by Olivia Doosey

Benue Fashion Designers Aren’t Invisible To The World

Benue host lots of explored talents one of which is in the area of designing and manipulating fabrics. Fashion design has become one of the most predominantly small scale business run by young aspiring entrepreneurs in Benue state, with almost every street hosting about 3-4 fashion outlets if not 5. In spite of the homogeneity in nature of the business, […]

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