This Valentine’s Day; Me And My Mo, Boo, Boo bobo and my Ekum

Relationship, Stories 15/02/2017 by Ochanya Cynthia Okwoli

Weather in Jos was very cold in the morning and I didn’t know what to expect since it fell on a working day. I had called his younger brother to let him know I was sending my younger sister to him to keep something for his elder brother (my boo). I pleaded with him not to tell his brother anything.

My boo works in the bank and I knew I wasn’t going to see him today, I wasn’t expecting anything in particular except phone calls and text message/s. We spoke lengthily in the morning before the day’s work started and I could feel the passion of how bad he felt because he wouldn’t be through from the office on time today.

The day went on, my colleagues said a lot about their plans after work and I said nothing because I knew I was going home immediately. Work closed and a jolly ride in a keke na pep didn’t make it fun for me. I had a lot running through my mind, I didn’t bother to wear red. I got home some minutes past 5pm and I sulk into bed out of exhaustion. I looked on my box and saw a black polythene bag (curiosity killed the cat), I stood up, picked it up, opened it. It was something wrapped in a beautiful wrapping sheet. I asked my siblings, who owned it? They said, just unwrap it. I unwrapped it and it was so wrapped, I became impatient. Finally, I saw two lovely dresses, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t speak, I sat quietly perceiving the aroma from the dresses.

His call came later in the evening and he said, “Bae, I love you so much, no woman has done this for me before” at that point, I was speechless. He appreciated me and I told him I love his gifts and he told me, he loves my gifts more. I had got him two kaftans and a Bible. We expressed our love and he said, “next year we will do it together (don’t know what he meant but I’m hoping it is positive)”. I call him Mo, Boo, Boo bobo and my Ekum.

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