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Run Your Own Race

Inspirational, Stories 27/11/2017 by Wanter Tor-Uja

There’s this lady who sold food in the canteen in my office. She was a cleaner who used to bring food to sell so they gave her one small room to be selling her food.

N500 a plate, nothing serious. We used to dash her change of N200 and gather old clothes for her kids.

Anyway, like 3 years ago she lost her husband about the same time as she was told to stop selling food in the office so staff pitied her and raised money for the funeral and fees for her kids.

Fast forward a few months and she gets a small contract to do a supply I think, then she got another and another and another.

I saw her last month, both her kids are studying in America, she has her own house in Wuse 2 (she used to live in Maraba), I think 2 cars and a driver!

She still can’t write, cannot read, and can barely speak coherent English but the contract she came to sign can pay me for 2 years and I am a lawyer, speak fluent English and write brilliantly.

The point to this story is this; Run Your Own Race! It does not matter where you are today, the day God will answer you, you will accomplish in 1month what people who are more qualified than you only dream of accomplishing.

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