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October Newsletter

Stories 4/10/2021 by Sophia Myambala

Greetings! To all my Nigerian family at home and in the diaspora, I pray you had a wonderful Independence Day celebration. Globally, October is known as a month for exploring African history, culture and tradition. As Africans, it is so easy to take for granted all the things that are great about our continent and indigenous heritage. We allow ‘others’ to write our stories for us.

I am Benue is a place for you to tell your story and give it a place in history. People in Benue, Nigeria, Africa and beyond can learn about the world from your perspective, and that is a gift that can never be taken away from you.

This month I will share with you my top five stories that highlight culture, tradition and belonging in Benue. Enjoy!

  1. Bier and Akpukpa Is For Lovers Of Good Natural Food by Oluwayemisi Ojo – An insight into Benue’s favourite breakfast dish.
  2. Igede Is Not Idoma, We Are Not Historical, Biological Or Culturally Related by Comrade Andyson Iji Egbodo – Acknowleging the uniqueness of the Igede people.
  3. Passing On The Baton shared by Akaa Fele – Why it is important to teach young children their native tongue.
  4. Benue fashion designers aren’t invisible to the world by Olivia Doosey – Meet some of Benue’s talented local fashion designers.
  5. Take me back to Makurdi by Chris Tion – A heart-felt, nostaligic poem about Makurdi.

If you have a story you’d like to share email it to story@iambenue.com.

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