Making The Most Of Everyday

Inspirational, Stories 31/01/2014 by Akaafele

For most of us, every twenty four hours that comes and goes is just nature. We think nothing special about it. So we are content with the small roles that we get in the movie of life. We just go with everything that does not task us too much… we just live.

Everyday is an opportunity to adapt, create and upgrade to the next level. You may say that one day is not enough to achieve all these, but it is. Each hour that passes will never make a return trip. What this means is that every hour counts. You have to account for the use of your time.

The intense part of the day involves failing or making mistakes. No one ever has a perfect day and how you feel about your mistakes and what you do afterwards sums up what you will to do in the next series of hours. But this depends solely on if you are still alive when a new day comes along. That is itself a flashing warning light. You will only have yourself to blame if you fail to take your chances a day at a time. The hours you take for granted have the potential to make or break you because a moment is all it takes for something to go wrong or right. Making the most of everyday simply means that you have to become efficient: get things done in less time. The first barrier is procrastination: putting off getting stuff done even when you know that you should not. If you keep putting things on hold you will soon have several things pending and then the sheer number of things to do will grow in volume and become impossible to handle.

The key to overcoming procrastination is organization. Plan ahead. Know what you want to achieve in a day, a week or even further ahead. To achieve this make a list for each day and arrange your list of things to do in your twenty four hours in their order of importance and tick them off as you do them.

With this system you will have not only increased your efficiency but also reduced some of the stress in your day. If there are things that you cannot do yourself assign them to others if you are in a position where you have assistants or people under your supervision or control. Also make sure that the things you delegate are equally important and the the person(s) you delegate to can do the job well in the time required. Every individual is also expected to prepare for anything that can happen in the curse of a day- which includes the unexpected. If you fail to do this, things will always take you unawares and potentially slow you down considerably.

As a young person or a mature person aim to use your time better by following the above. This will help you at home, school, work or business.

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