Why Are You There?

Inspirational, Stories 30/01/2014 by Akaafele

There is something that most of us never do, that is ask ourselves why we want certain things; power, influence, fame or fortune. To stay honest, at least to ourselves, we all need to understand our motives for what they really are. Questions like, what makes us so sure that we are the people who should get put out there, where things are happening, and how we plan to get there?

If you want to get into politics or are already a politician, ask yourself why politics or why are you a politician and how did you get into politics? Are you in for the right reasons or not? These and more are the kind of questions that you need to answer. It does not matter If you are a civil servant, an engineer, a student, a business owner, a designer or in some other profession, field or career, the same thing should apply. Every man/woman has a reason for going after control. True or False?

There are three categories of people who go after things:

  1. Those who get into things for the wrong reasons. These are people who have made up their minds to be part of that thing primarily to take advantage; exploit, cheat, manipulate and ruin the goal and fun of the thing if necessary. When things fail to go their way everyone becomes a target and victim of their wrath. Such people can go to extremes to sway everything their way. They can also make sure that in situations where they do not get what they want, no one else will get it.
  2. There are those who go into something with a different mindset, but who end up being changed by the system to the direct opposite of their initial mindsets.
  3. Finally there are those who go into a system with good intentions and stay that way even when temptations and frustrations abound. They are people who try their best to change people and situations and can sacrifice anything to see things go right. Unfortunately people like these are few as compared to the first category.

If only people can allow their conscience to judge them our society will change for the best. We need a change, but I’m afraid that change will never come. My prayer is that people will allow themselves to become instruments of social and positive change.

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