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Fashion: Chiangi Mwuese Benny

Creatives, Stories 19/01/2018 by Akaafele

I am the fifth child in a family of eight, I was born in Asaba, Delta state but, I’m Tiv (as my name implies) from Ushongo local government.

When I was four years old we relocated back to Benue State, Gboko to be precise as things got very difficult for my parents. As a result of the hardship we were facing, I was forced to take a year gap after my primary education before starting my secondary education. I started selling a wide range of goods (oranges, groundnuts, vegetables etc) on Gboko streets to support my parents financially as they were working hard, doing their best, saving up to enrol me back to school. And, I would also, go to the market and help my mother with her petty trading business, something I still do today when I visit her.

I gained admission with Gboko High School and became the Head girl in 2011. In my last academy year, I almost dropped out of school again due to difficult circumstances but, I didn’t and survived the period, God made a way for me.

It doesn’t worth the hard work, working for people who doesn’t value or acknowledge your contribution to the growth of their business

After my secondary school education, I couldn’t further my education mainly due to financial difficulties, so I started working as a sales girl trying to save for my higher education but, at the same time look after myself which hasn’t been easy.

For years, I have tried registering to enrol into University but without completing my registration. Men that know about my situation or want a relationship mostly demanded to have sex with me in order to support me.

Gaining admission with National Open University to study political science, my father passed away (Daddy may you Rest In Peace) and, I was forced not to continue. I used my tuition fee money and pay to learn handwork, fashion designing and have some money left to support myself, with house rent and basic needs.

Working as a sales girl for five years, working my heart out and yet not been appreciated, some of our people look down at me. I was taken to the police station for wrong reasons, for false accusation without supporting evidence or any proof and, that was my wake up call.

I told myself that, it doesn’t worth the hard work, working for people who doesn’t value or acknowledge your contribution to the growth of their business. I reminded myself that I am not what they say I am but, who I said I am – it is time to bring the best out of me and be great.

Currently, I am still undergoing training to become fashion designer. And at the same time, working hard to make CMB Clothing a reality. CMB is the combination of my initials, Chiangi Mwuese Benny. Hopefully, I will complete my training this year, get a sewing machine, start from there, guaranteeing you best quality wears and with your support and patronage raise money to have a shop where I can serve you better.

2 thoughts on “Fashion: Chiangi Mwuese Benny

  1. Ternenge

    Way to go Benny. CMB will sure be a reality. Just keep ur eyes on the goal and the sky is the limit! Two thumbs up!

  2. Tsumba Elijah

    My sister ride on; your dreams will surely come to pass dear, just keep on trusting on God for He is the key to unlock success.


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