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Inspirational, Stories 9/04/2013 by Akaafele

Why are you there?

There is something that most of us never do, that is ask ourselves why we want certain things; power, influence, fame or fortune. To stay honest, at least to ourselves, we all need to understand our motives for what they really are. Questions like, what makes us so sure that we are the people who should get put out there, […]

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Development, Stories 9/04/2013 by Akaafele

Water, Electricity, not bullets

“We cannot continue to waste our young, vibrant ones needlessly like this. After all, what the students asked for is water and electricity, not bullets and deaths!” Here we go again. By the last count, at least four students of the Nassarawa State University, Keffi, were callously mowed down last Monday. The students had turned out in large numbers on […]

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Entertainment, Stories 9/04/2013 by Akaafele

The importance of being ‘innocent’; 2face Idibia

Do we really know how integral 2face Idibia is to New Nigerian music? Better still: Does 2face Idibia realise what he is and what he has done? Yes, he’s the nation’s, and possibly the continent’s, biggest pop star. Yes he’s perhaps the most humble musician you will come across in a long while. Yes, no Nigerian singer straddles pop, soul, […]

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Stories 9/04/2013 by Akaafele

Nigerian Languages, The New Bride

written by Olugboyega Adebanjo, quoted from the original article, as published by The Guardian Nigeria, Feb 21st 2013, © of the original author Olugboyega Adebanjo FEBRUARY 21, the International Mother Language Day, provided an opportunity to take a critical look at our languages as Nigerians. Because of the second fiddle nature Nigerian languages have assumed in our own society, it is […]

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Health, Stories 9/04/2013 by Akaafele

Nigeria-Health: ‘War against counterfeit medicine – My story’

Written by Chika Okeke Counterfeit medicine – Many Nigerians have been subjected to untimely death due to consumption of counterfeit drugs which many at times, are administered by quack doctors and even some health professionals who can hardly differenciate between geniune and fake drugs. CHIKA OKEKE writes that the book, War Against Counterfeit Medicine: My Story reveals some of the […]

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Education, Stories 9/04/2013 by Mr. John Akevi


Indigeneity is simply a discriminatory concept employed in the Nigerian state to distinguish between the indigenes or natives of a state or locality and those who are referred to as non-indigenes or settlers. Despite the constitutional provisions guaranteeing the citizenship status of Nigerians, yet within the country, the issues of indigeneity is making Nigerians to becoming second-class citizens in states […]

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