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The Beauty In Dancing – Dooshima

Creatives, Stories 15/05/2019 by Dooshima Hilda Ingya

My name is miss Dooshima Hilda Ingya, a native of Benue state from Ushongo local government. I am a graduate of Theatre Arts and also; a professional dancer, actress, choreographer, dance instructor, fitness instructor and beauty Queen manager. I have always loved the artistic world and have worked hard to become one of the most well-respected dancers in the dance industry. 

Dance to me is a way of love and has taught me a whole lot of things that have built me up positively. One of the things I love most about my career is being able to work with children, discover their talents and help them build and nurture them.

In this part of the world, dance is really becoming a lucrative business and people are beginning to love and appreciate dance more and more. I am proud to say, I am a dancer and a Tiv woman from Benue. 

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The challenge of getting a job in Nigeria is that people find it difficult to pay dancers after they have worked for them thereby making it difficult for dancers to accept jobs that come their way. I am not a competitive dancer, I am more of a performing artist and teacher and I have featured in a lot of stage productions for example; love is a musical, the gathering by span, opera of solitude and so on I have worked with Timi Dakola, Yinka Davies in Lagos, I have also worked in Abuja, Ekiti, Kaduna etc.

I have always loved dancing but it grew stronger in secondary school because my Literature-in-English teacher kept pushing me by performing in school shows and representing my school in dance competitions so which built my confidence to study Theatre Art. My dream is to have the biggest art school in Nigeria

My advice to young Nigerians and aspiring dancers is to stay true to yourself; believe and work on your dreams and also work on your craft to become better than looking at your outward self. 

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  1. KAKRA

    Beautiful dance steps


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