My Name is Love Idoko And This Is My Story

Inspirational, Stories 26/05/2020 by Love Idoko

I am a Miracle…
I am one whom God has helped…
I am thankful…
I lost my dad 5 days to my SSCE exams…
I was devastated…

The Government had fixed his funeral the same day I was meant to write JAMB/UME exams so I had to choose between writing JAMB/UME and attending my dad’s funeral. I decided to attend my dad’s funeral. It was the only opportunity I had to honour a man who lived an exemplary life.

I was confident that with determination, hard work and the help of God I won’t fail. The fact that they had given up on us because we were girls was my number one inspiration.

After my dad’s funeral, we had to move out of the official residence we lived. We couldn’t have access to his house or property because my mum didn’t have a male child… They told us we were girls and as far as they are concerned we are useless…

Case went to court…

We had only God.

From an eight-bedroom mansion we lived with our dad, We moved into a one-room guest house called “lamb and word guest house”. I bought a table, and an umbrella sold airtime and made phone calls in the same town my father was Chief Judge for 15 years.

We didn’t have access to his cars as well, I was used to having a driver always available. I could not afford to take a taxi in Makurdi. The first day I sat on a motorcycle I fell as the bike moved, I still have a major scar on my shoulder from that accident.

Every Christmas I will look for where to supply hampers. I remember I was lucky to start getting orders from First Bank without knowing anyone there.

It must have been God…

I wrote my first book “Celebrating Change” at age 17 and started public speaking the same year.

I graduated from university, did my national youth service with Federal Medical Centre, got a permanent job there immediately after youth service and resigned a few years later to pursue my dream. Still, in my early twenties, I started Motivation Magazine and our Event Planning Company. My experience created a passion in me to inspire people. I was confident that with determination, hard work and the help of God I won’t fail. The fact that they had given up on us because we were girls was my number one inspiration. I told myself if we fail in this life it will be a disappointment to God.

Motivation Magazine became a huge success and the event centre (THE DREAM CENTRE) as well as our consultancy company D.R.E.A.M.S POINTER INT’L are making giant strides. Shortly after, I started Activating Success on Radio Benue, 2 years later we started Activating Success on Television. (AIT, DSTV Channel 253) We are glad that it has stood the test of time for 5 years.

The Dream Centre, Makurdi

When I look back over my life, I am humbled by the help of God. Only God can take ALL the glory. I am a lady whom God has helped. I am a Miracle!!!

Activating Success shows 3:30 pm Every Thursday on AIT, DSTV Channel 253.

11 thoughts on “My Name is Love Idoko And This Is My Story

  1. Joseph Akaangee

    You must have been Alhassan Idoko of blessed momery’s daughter. An erudite legal luminary and scholar,a no nonse judge who eschewed corruption in all it’s ramifications. You are a true daughter of your father and blessings of God will follow you wherever you you go.

  2. Dr Kugber Robert

    Sis sorry quite touching, but that is our world for you. The change was drastic,you are indeed a miracle.

  3. Demato Cosmos

    What a touching but inspiring story to learn from. You’re a standard other deprived women will live up to. May the almighty God continue to bless your efforts. Society will live to be proud of you. Regards.

  4. Abolade Agbede

    What a touching & inspiring Story.U a indeed a miracle. God continue to bless you

  5. Donatus Ogah

    I don’t ever want to miss Love’s program on AIT Television every Sunday. Love is an inspiration.

    • Amb. Beauty

      I am overwhelmed when l read about great women of substance who ignore the pains and scars to pursue their rising passion from zero to metro. You are indeed a woman of substance and a miracle star to your generation. Connecting with you is the best gift of inspiration.
      I am activated to succeed.!.

  6. Dada Oluwole

    You are indeed a miracle, A well determined woman. God will crown your efforts with success. I like watching your program on AIT Activating success. It is educating keep it up.

  7. Onoja Queen

    Is it your father’s family from ofante or where that said you people were not relevant? It’s sad for any to say that. If actually that is what it is then the government of the period did not try for your family as a chief judge of Benue State. God is blessing you guys already and no one can take it

  8. Ibadu Anthonia

    This is an inspirational story that have really hit me hard, I love you miss love idoko Loki

  9. Love Ocholi

    I was so glad and happy at the same time to see your program yesterday,we were all in ECWA church Barracks road… Yes,I remembered all that happened to them,they were all jewels as far as I was concerned then and I thank God for His faithfulness in their lives . keep shining, keep ocupping till He comes

  10. Onyi Kc

    Such a blessed story indeed. You are indeed a role model to be looked up to. May God continually bless your efforts and crown you and your family with Long life and good health with success. Amen.


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