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Charity Begins At Home: The Tiv-Idoma Politics Everyone Is Afraid To Talk About

Leadership, Stories 30/08/2023 by George Onmonya Daniel

NOW THAT I HAVE GOTTEN YOUR ATTENTION, let’s discuss some real issues. The Tiv-Idoma politics. Before I go further, let me tell you that I have great respect and admiration for Joseph Tarka, a great Nigerian and Middle Beltan politician, and Major Gideon Orkar, the Nigerian Army officer who read the coup speech in 1991 in that failed attempt to overthrow IBB’s military junta. But then that’s another story entirely. I have also been one of the few voices of the Middle Belt and I will continue to fight for the rights and unity of our people. Okay, let’s go to the matter.

Idoma people of Benue have always felt marginalised in the state. It is the same with Kogi, where Ibira people before Yahaya Bello, felt the same. However, the case of the Idoma marginalisation is being driven by an elite/political class of Idoma politicians, who see an Idoma man being the governor as the only equity.

On my own part, I don’t care who becomes governor as long as the governor has an equal development plan for the three zones, A, B, and C. My analysis may be biased because I haven’t been to any Tiv zone apart from Makurdi. I usually pass through Makurdi to Zone C. There seems to be no government presence in Zone C. Could that be why Idoma nation is unhappy with Benue politics controlled by a clique Tiv?

Idoma often complain of being marginalised in every institution, except the institutions inside Zone C. They complain about Tiv domination of the University. Idoma have never become the Vice Chancellor, not because they are not qualified, because they are Idoma. I have always heard these stories from afar until I joined the three Benue Facebook groups I am in today. Now some Tiv people want to even take away my voice, from expressing my views, just because I am Idoma. The confident arrogance in which some of my Benue Tiv brothers and sisters spew out certain things made me understand the atmosphere Idoma must have lived in Benue and why they want their own state.

Now, I am not saying Idoma are good guys. Igede people have in recent times been complaining bitterly about Idoma domination and lack of fairness, just as Idoma complain about Tiv nation. I am sure other smaller tribes complain here and there too. I also wonder if Idomas are the ones with the advantage, will they give Tiv the chance? I think Idoma people will do that. An Igede man has been Ochi’Idoma, I saw Idoma support for Young Alhaji a Muslim, and knowing Idoma people, I know they are not too attached to tribal politics.

I want to urge young Tiv chaps on social media platforms to calm down. We all want the best for Nigeria. I detest all this tribal nonsense. When a bad person is in government everyone suffers. Ask Hausa/Fulani people who were willing to kill and die for Buhari, in fact, they even killed for Buhari. I believe they suffered more during the Buhari maladministration.

The essence of sharing is for everyone to come up and express themselves, their anger, joy and frustrations so that others will understand or try to.

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One thought on “Charity Begins At Home: The Tiv-Idoma Politics Everyone Is Afraid To Talk About

  1. Tarbee Ivase

    Interesting it’s one of the bottle-necks of democeacy…the majority always come to play while the minroity advocates.


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