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Political Gimmicks Of The North

Leadership, Stories 7/04/2023 by Tersoo TeeCube

It is commendable that the Kaduna State government has appointed a Benue native as the education secretary, and we, as the people of Benue and the Middle Belt, celebrate and congratulate our fellow citizen Terna Francis Ph.D. for his well-deserved appointment. This move towards inclusivity and recognition of Nigeria’s diversity is laudable. However, it is important to acknowledge that Nigeria’s ethnic and regional identities can be complicated and delicate, particularly when considering the current state of ethnic and religious polarization of Kaduna State and the accusations against the Kaduna State government’s complicity and discriminatory policies geared towards subjugating ethnic minorities in the State.

It is crucial that the Middle Belt people do not fall for these political gimmicks and maintain a conscious awareness of their true cultural identity.

While some may view this appointment positively, others like me may see it as a strategic move to pacify dissenting voices of ethnic minorities from the Middle Belt seeking to extricate and establish itself as a distinct region from the Arewa region of Northern Nigeria. The move by El-rufai could be a calculated strategy that his class of Machiavellian politicians from the North may utilize to remind Middle Belt citizens that one of their own has been embraced and accepted as a bona fide Northerner worthy of appointment by a core Northern governor.

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Looking ahead, it is possible that a Christian minority governor from the Middle Belt preferably the Clergy Benue Governor soon to be sworn in may be appointed as the new chairman of the Northern Governor’s Forum, a common political ploy to give ethnic minorities a false sense of acceptance as members of a larger Arewa community. This may lead to a misguided belief that they are equal members of the much-touted one and indivisible 19 Northern States, but in reality, they will continue to be treated with contempt.

It is crucial that the Middle Belt people do not fall for these political gimmicks and maintain a conscious awareness of their true cultural identity. No matter how hard we try, we cannot be considered equal to those who seek our subservience and subjugation while exploiting our collective population for their political gain.

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One thought on “Political Gimmicks Of The North

  1. Michael

    Well, a job should be given to one that can handle it. R. Terna is capable and dependable.


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