Inspirational, Stories 5/03/2017 by Sewuese Elizabeth Bumkeng

5 Things You Should Know About A Confident Woman

1. She is not afraid to speak her mind Remember that you have to have the power to be comfortable with yourself before you let someone else in your life. Speak up for yourself and for what you believe in. Don’t be a pushover and always fight for what you believe in. Think you deserve a raise? Ask for a […]

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Inspirational 19/01/2017 by Maj Gen Kaleosho rtd, former Comdt TRADOC

How Mammy market got its name

‘Mammy Market = Mammy Ochefu’ It was in 1959. Mammy Ode, a young girl from Jericho-Ugboju in the present Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State was married to Anthony Aboki Ochefu, a young Non-Commissioned military officer who had just been posted to Enugu from Abeokuta. They were quartered at the Army Barracks, Abakpa, Enugu. To beat idleness and perhaps […]

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Sekav is home safely in Benue State, employed and better today

Inspirational, Stories 22/11/2016 by iambenue

Sekav is home safely in Benue State, employed and better today

Governor, Samuel Ortom directed our Head of Service, Inwata Adaikwu to immediately offer brother, Isaac Sekav Ahungwa employment after completing his patriotic bicycle tour riding from Ibadan, Oyo state to Makurdi, Benue State. Sekav was granted half a million Naira (N500,000.00) by our governor to enable him settle and continue his great service to Benue State and Nigeria at large. […]

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Inspirational, Stories 22/10/2016 by iambenue

2014 Testimony Of A Benue Daughter

Friends and family, my name is Jennifer Akiga, I have to admit, I have learnt A LOT in 2014 and honestly ‘I do not look like what I’ve been through’! This has got to be the BEST year of my entire life! Prior to when I moved back to Nigeria, I was moving in a direction I deemed fit for […]

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Inspirational, Stories 5/10/2016 by Akaafele

What Manner of Education? 3

Having examined the various areas we have problems with our education, let us proceed to consider the ways we can revive it and make it relevant to our needs. We must address the fundamental essence of education – development of our ideas. This is a very promising dimension we can tap in to improve our socio-economic situation. Instead of forcing […]

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Inspirational, Stories 3/10/2016 by Akaafele

What Manner of Education? 2

“My father taught me to work. He did not teach me to love it.” – ABRAHAM LINCOLN Education teaches discipline. Discipline entails doing what is right because it is right even though we may not actually enjoy doing it. Discipline means controlling ourselves from within. It imposes sufficient inner checks on our natural instincts, which is why we are different […]

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Inspirational, Stories 1/10/2016 by Akaafele

What Manner of Education? 1

“In school, teach him. It is far more honorable to fail than to cheat to pass. Teach him to have faith in his own ideas even if everyone tells him they are wrong.” –  Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President. Recently, there has been an increased clamor for education of almost every kind. From children to adults, people of almost every […]

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Inspirational, Stories 31/01/2014 by Akaafele

Making The Most Of Everyday

For most of us, every twenty four hours that comes and goes is just nature. We think nothing special about it. So we are content with the small roles that we get in the movie of life. We just go with everything that does not task us too much… we just live. Everyday is an opportunity to adapt, create and […]

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Inspirational, Stories 30/01/2014 by Akaafele

Why Are You There?

There is something that most of us never do, that is ask ourselves why we want certain things; power, influence, fame or fortune. To stay honest, at least to ourselves, we all need to understand our motives for what they really are. Questions like, what makes us so sure that we are the people who should get put out there, […]

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