Sekav is home safely in Benue State, employed and better today

Sekav is home safely in Benue State, employed and better today

Inspirational, Stories 22/11/2016 by iambenue

Governor, Samuel Ortom directed our Head of Service, Inwata Adaikwu to immediately offer brother, Isaac Sekav Ahungwa employment after completing his patriotic bicycle tour riding from Ibadan, Oyo state to Makurdi, Benue State.

Sekav was granted half a million Naira (N500,000.00) by our governor to enable him settle and continue his great service to Benue State and Nigeria at large. The governor also sponsored the welcome celebration of brother Sekav to Benue State People’s House, Makurdi as he joined the celebration urging the especially the youth of Benue State to emulate the patriotism of brother Ahungwa Sekav.

Governor Ortom’s life story inspired Sekav as he rides forward to his future, starting by introducing himself to the world by leaving Nigerians with a great message of believe that ‘Nigeria must be great again’.

This is because we all love Nigeria and we all want to see Nigeria great but the fear factor of doing what is right which is mostly the hardest thing to do stops us.

Night and day, in darkness and light natural beauty was what Sekav experienced. Seeing Nigeria like never before; the mountains, valleys, landscape, lovely Nigerians, one Nigeria culture, dialects, the rivers and love that words cannot explain. Sekav quotes that:

“If bad characters are contagious then, it also means that positive characters, good characters, values and norms are also contagious.”

Understand that you are responsible for Nigeria. You have been constantly reminded that you’re our future leader which brother Sekav opposed, that it is not true and claimed it is procrastination because, before birth, you lead yourself to existence among the over a million sperm cells released.

Today you are the person you are because of your decisions and actions from yesterday as our past help shaped the person we are today. Therefore, Sekav says the future and the tomorrow is today and now, stands up, take responsibility and lead because if you wait for tomorrow that you’ve been told, you will wait to meet infinity tomorrow to lead.

I did the tour because; I have met a lot of Nigerian youths with great desire for our nation. They are only waiting for someone to stand up, so they can support him or her, one that would inspire them to start doing the right things that are always the difficult ones to do.

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