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Why Wait To Kill Cow, Cook Rice, Gather And Brag

Inspirational, Stories 6/06/2019 by ChaCha Fate

Old age is a blessing and not a curse; I had fun with parents.

I didn’t want to bother anyone about my visit to the Old Care Center. However, the love shown to me was massive.

On Sunday 2nd June I had dinner with old fathers and mothers, actually I wanted to spend my birthday with them on the 8th of June but cos of my tight schedules I would not be around for them to “bee ishima yam vea ve” so I said that let me have dinner with them last Sunday.

I experienced happiness, great energy and peace of mind. One of the elderly mothers cried tears of joy, mentioning that: “Wan wam kuma nyi se mba a nenge a msaaniyol ne ga”. I witness real smiles on the faces of our mothers and fathers. If you have a mother, father… grandparents, celebrate them and take good care of them, you wouldn’t have been here without them!

What happens to the good food we eat daily?

If they eat as well would they complain?

Eating together © I am Benue 2019


  1. I want to say a very Big thank you to the Matron Mrs Tessy Atser.
  2. My Appreciation goes straight to Sir Ter Atser for his support, Sir you have changed lives and may the Almighty God in heaven bless you more in abundance.
  3. To my uncle Benjamin Teryima Ashaver, I lack words to appreciate you. Sir, you did so much to support them through me, your message reached us greatly.
  4. To Diamond, Kai Orne your kind is not easy to find, you are the best. I cant mention all but may God bless you and yours.
  5. To my precious colleagues Eugenius, my very own manager Benue Michael Jackson, my brother Terver Joseph Atu, Rasta Simba, Biggy Terra, Anôngu Data, Dj Love, Big Boi, my friend Theresa Nyoosu and Click Doose, may God bless you all in Jesus Name, we sang, danced and played with them like we were mates with no complaints.

You and I can do this. I promise to see you every now and then dear ones.

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