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When A Spider Web Unite They Can Tie Up A Lion

Inspirational, Stories 21/10/2018 by Grace Oge Onuoha

During the second world war, Jimmy an entertainer was invited to cheer up some wounded soldiers in the hospital. While performing, to his amazement, the men were roaring with laughter and their spirits kept rising higher and higher.

In the end, he was given a tremendous applause and a standing ovation (by those who could stand). Two soldiers, however, got his attention. Both of them had lost an arm at the elbow but that was not enough to stop them from applauding and clapping.

What they did was to simply join their resources together by using one good hand each man had left to clap through. By this ingenuity, they succeeded in doing what some would have thought impossible. These soldiers rather than mourn were found celebrating life.

If what you have cannot give you the desired result, find someone and pull your resources together.

Today, same can be seen and heard of Avershima Akighir and Grace Oge Onuoha, two strong soldiers who have not given up on their dreams and have chosen to live a life full of possibilities by transforming life challenges into beautiful opportunities. Nature brought us together, we met, rather than mourn, we are constantly celebrating life.

So this is the message we are passing to humanity

Count your blessings and not your burdens. No matter where you are in life, you are ahead of some people. It is not what you’ve lost in life that matters but what is remaining. Life might be tough and difficult, but there are many in tough situations than you, yet they smile and laugh in their predicaments.

  • How much can you bargain for your health, your peace, your children, and your friends?
  • Can you sell your eyes for a million?
  • Do you know that right now, there are millions of people who will give anything to trade places with you?

You are richer than what you think. You are not doing that bad

If what you have cannot give you the desired result, find someone and pull your resources together. Like these soldiers, Aver and Oge, you can convert any disability into ability.

If you don’t believe in co-operation, look what happens when a car loses one of its wheels. Great co-operation are formed by pulling resources together. It takes a team to win. You can turn “I can’t” into “how can I” and “why not.”

Stop counting yourself out of the happy people. You may not have all you want but you are not doing that bad.

With much love from Aver and myself Grace. Keep watching ‘Possibilities’ on Catholic TV station

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