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Development, Stories 1/03/2023 by Sophia Myambala

Welcome to March!

How far? Before we can completely refresh our minds and spirits this month I must acknowledge how ‘heated February was. It was a difficult time for many Nigerians due to political tensions and insecurities leading up to the elections. I am Benue prides itself in being non-partisan, however, as individuals, we all have our personal views, expectations and parties that we are in favour of.

As a wife of Tiv living in the diaspora, I cannot claim to truly understand the opinions or lived experiences that make Benue citizens cry out for positive leadership. With that being said, this month I have chosen to share old stories and videos from people who have opened up about their political stances, core values and thoughts on the future of Benue. The one thing these stories have in common is the hope for a better-structured Benue and a unified Nigeria. I pray that you’re either inspired or educated by what you read.

Stories About Politics:

  1. The Problem in Kwande Is The Problem Across Tivland
  2. Why Are You There?
  3. Ethnic Animosity in Nigeria: A choice to Progress as Friends or Perish as Foes
  4. I am Fulani… The fault is ours

Disclaimer: Please keep an open mind when reading these stories. Benue is a diverse state, and all Nigerians are free to support who they wish. All opinions belong solely to the individual authors and should not be viewed as a representation of I am Benue. None of the chosen stories refer to the 2023 election cycle.

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Wishing you a blessed, compassionate month ahead.

Sophia, Editor

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