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How To Teach Children About Sex Education

Development, Education, Stories 31/01/2023 by Ochanya Cynthia Okwoli Adole

Growing up as a child, as soon as you get your flow mothers will simply tell you, “if a boy touches you, you will get pregnant”

We were not told the main reasons why we can get pregnant or what sex is all about. With that notion, you find girls not wanting to sit close to boys in class because you could easily get pregnant.

If you do not teach your children real sex education, they will learn it from peers and the internet. 

Many have grown up with the myth that they do not know when they are being molested or deceived into sexual activities. 

I think it is right for parents to have time to teach their boys and girls about sex. The right time for it (which is marriage) and the signs to look out for if they have suddenly become prey for molestation. 

Most parents are too busy these days that they fail to watch out for their children who are being molested every second by uncles, aunties, fathers, teachers, mothers, and neighbours to mention a few.

If you do not teach your children real sex education, they will learn it from peers and the internet. 

Most of these molested children suddenly become sex addicts, withdrawn and blame themselves for what has happened to them. When a lady gets pregnant, she is thrown out of the house or beaten by her parents and worse still, the boy denies the pregnancy. Question to parents, do you just give her a sanitary pad and let her go? Do you also talk to your boys about abstinence, using condoms and taking responsibility for pregnancy?

Parents, in your busy schedule, find time to talk one on one with your children and there will be reduced pregnancy out of wedlock, rapes and molestation.

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One thought on “How To Teach Children About Sex Education

  1. Sophia

    I am agree with this. Most parents do not know how to talk to their children because they were not taught sex education or didn’t have methods of protection explained to them. Would be a good idea for workshops to be hosted for parents so they can teach and guide their children and not just for young boys and girls in school.


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